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New Photos at Paper Replika Gallery

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These photos come from Paper Replika fans and paper model enthusiast from around the world, I collect these photos from Facebook photo album, posts on Paper Replika Facebook page and email. They are Dome of the rock in Landmark category  build by Kaka Jibriel; Hudoq dancers by Didit Yudhistira. Tinker Bell figurine photos by Greg Belland, on one of them I edit and change the color as a variation in Photoshop. For the upcoming No Tobacco day is Smoking Kills paper craft build by Tito Glorioso, he also build a Voltus / Voltes V paper model with customized articulation, sword and belt chain.  Merkava Mk2 and Spooky gunship build by Pras Purnomo. Blue Angels F-18 Hornet model build by Ferenc Kollar.  Simple Optimus Prime build by Jeff Ri and Rew Papercrafter. WALL-E by Ryan Ism. Mass Effect M8 Avenger rifle by Ilajv Creaciones. Minions from Despicable Me build by Daniel Methos Curul, Bumblebee by Ian Chen, Papersoldier by Renato Macedo and the last is a life-sized model of FN SCAR-L assault rifle by Vin Jung, he also made a few changes on some parts, he made a working folding stock, very nice.



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