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EC-120B Colibri Helicopter Paper Model

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New release from Dani of ZRP Papercrafter. This time he made a template of a EC-120B Helicopter paper model with Pegasus Dynamic Show livery. Pegasus Dunamic Show is the name of Indonesian Air Force Rotary Wing Squadron 7. Dani dedicate this paper model to that Squadron which is going to celebrate its 47th Anniversary on May 25th 2012. The template is separated with its assembly instructions, so make sure you download them both. The PDF file is protected by a password which is ec120b. The template consist of 3 pages, the model itself is in 1:30 scale. By looking at the template and the built photos I suggest you to reinforce the main rotor blade parts.



You can download this template in my friend's blog

Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended software)
PDF security password : ec120b


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