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Tail Concerto Robot Paper Craft

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New comer who is also a PERI member, Ilud aka Pepakuraviewer from Paper Jurnal shared with us his work on Tail Concerto robot template. He said he played Tail Concerto game in Sony Playstation console few years ago. He started making this template about a year ago by using Google Sketchup for 3d modeling and Pepakura 3D Designer. Pepakuraviewer is known to be a neat builder who likes to shrunk paper craft template, in example now he is in progress building the detailed Optimus Prime in A6, he also have build Going Merry ship in A5, he likes to remove the flaps if one part become too small. His "habit" reflects in this Tail Concerto robot template, they are no flaps or glue tabs in all the parts, so you have to add the flaps yourself if you need to. He provides a PDO for instructions but I think it will help a little, you have to compare it with the built photos to figure the parts out. The assembled model is looking good.



You can download this template at my friend's blog

Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDO file with Pepakura Viewer(recommended softwares)
PDF security password : pepakuraviewer


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