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Voltron Paper Model Part 1

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Just a couple days ago a fellow paper crafter request a classic Voltron paper model, just in time Dani from ZRP Papercrafter has released the part 1 Voltron template (head and torso in 6 pages). Voltron is an animation similar to the classic Japan giant robot anime from the 80's. Although many remember their childhood with this robot , I recall I never heard of it in my childhood, I only know Voltes V, God Zigma and Mazinga Z anime. Perhaps Voltron was popularize in the same time as Go Shogun showed up in my video cassette rental and that was the time I stop watching any video as our Sony Betamax video broke and never been repaired ever since, and remember I have mentioned about my family beloved Sony Betamax in other post, so why I mention it up again?, I guess I just want to write a bit longer haha XD.



You can download this template in my friend's blog

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