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Alkett VsKfz Minesweeper Tractor Paper Model

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German army at world war 2 has many strange looking war machines, including this bizarre looking armored minesweeper tractor. This tractor had captured Rizky attention when he decided to make this into paper model kit. He is well known to be a German war machines fan-boy :). This Alkett VsKfz template  has been delayed for some time due wrong part revisions. As usual Rizky uses 1:35 scale. Paper modeling is his hobby beside his profession as an architect.  Most of German's strange looking war machines are in prototype phase or early manufactured like this Alkett VsKfz. Completed on 1942 and was proved not suited for combat need and German's had to abandoned the project. The real tractor now it can be find at Kubinka Museum, outside Moscow.



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Alkett VsKfz Minesweeper Tractor Paper Model template