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WIP : Optimus Prime - Final Modeling & Unfolding

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Modeling Complete, continue to unfold into papercraft patterns then add textures. Hang on guys :) a little bit more.

As you see in picture below, I made ball joint on the joint between his head and neck to become pose-able, turn-able and nod-able.This model will be the most detail papercraft from all my designs. Optimus will be pose-able and it is a big model, in my calculation he will be standing tall at least 40-50cm. The list I have to do to finish the entire parts, each parts will be released separately.

1. Head Part : final detail - unfolding - texturing - instructions
2. Poseable inner skeleton
3. Torso + Abdomen Parts
4. Legs Parts
5. Arm Parts
6. Hand Parts

Note : This model is not going to be transformable. To be Continued