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New Updates at Paper Replika Gallery

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I have received many paper craft build photos from emails, facebook photo tags and posts in Paper Replika Facebook fan page. I already added some of them at Paper Replika Image Gallery. They are Chris Kastrinos from United States with his Wall E and R2D2 paper craft and Scout Trooper 1/12 with Speeder Bike build by Shy Lev-Ari from Israel. Simple Optimus Prime photos build by Suraj S Prakash from India, Voltus V build by Andrew Aquino and Edon Tuazo Fabreo both are from Philippines.


And also from Indonesian builder, Adhit Gunawan and Arman Inra Lana build Optimus too. They too build simple Bumblebee, which is not available for free download, because it is an Indonesian movie magazine bonus - Cinemag. We have Toy Story Bullseye build Taufiq Hidayat, he also build Baby Po the same model as Asiong Lim. Hermawan Rahadi, Beta Antoni and Ferdinan also build Voltus V, Hermawan added the sword and set up a diorama for his Voltus. We still have Merkava Mk2 Tank and Ingram 2 Patlabor also build by Hermawan and Ivan Watoe. Bajaj Tuk tuk build by Petrus Suryadi Widjajanto and the last model is an MQ-9 Reaper. I found these Reaper photos on a forum but I didn't save its builder, so anyone who build this please contact me, thank you.

Me wear Scout Trooper costume and my daughter in an afternoon


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