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Airliner : aircraft models from various airlines and commercial civil aircraft
Aircraft : all aircraft models except airlines, including military, civil and experimental
Ancient History : models of ancient objects, artefact and ancient history related.
Firearm - Rifle - Gun : models of firearm including rifle, pistol and heavy gun
Iron Man : Iron Man related paper model figure
Military : mainly models of military vehicle including tanks, apc, lav, etc
Event and Celebrations : models about an event or celebrating holidays
Disney Movie : Disney movie related models
Anime - Cartoon : all cartoon, 3d animation, anime, tokosatsu related models
World Landmark : mainly models about distinctive building around the world
Gundam : Gundam related models
Myth and Culture : all models about myths and traditional culture and art
Paper Soldier : original cute soldier models from around the world
Paper Avatar : 3d paper craft portrait of important people
Simple Paper Craft : simple paper craft for kids and beginner
Others : all models that doesn't have the category, contest, movie character, etc
Rare Models : weird and strange rare models
Star Wars : Star Wars related models, figure, costume, vehicle
Patlabor : Patlabor related models
Transformers : Transformers related models
World Currency : small scale piles of banknotes from around the world
Space : space related models, spaceship, rocket, astronaut, etc
Ship - Boat : all boat and ship models including underwater submarine


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