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You don't need to register to this site to download template files. First, you have to find the model article and also its assembly instructions, for an example this is Axioo Mecha Unit paper craft. You also can find any instructions page by search in on this site.

Scroll down you will find images of assembly instructions, no other instructions except what you can see here, the rest you will have to figure out yourself

Scroll down more until you find the end of the article, the download link is there (ban highlighted with red) : Axioo Mecha Unit Papercraft Templates

In this Document License Page you will find a term of use of of the template for you to agree in order to use template shared on this site. After choose "I Agree" radio button, click "Click here to proceed"  button to download. In many case if you use download manager you must turn it off, otherwise you can't download it properly.



ON MODEL DIRECTORY : Link which pointed by an arrow is the download button