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Paper Replika Gallery is Updated with New Builds

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This week I received many photo images from friends at some places in the world. They are Chris Kastrinos from USA, he build The Star Wars Snowspeeder. Kim (Knife & Glue) from South Korea, he build F-15i Ra'am, the Israeli eagle, Kim actually did send to me 5 re-painted version of PR F-15 which I will have post them later. Suraj Prakash from India, he build Peterbilt 379 18 wheeler series. And from Indonesia, they are Taufik Hidayat who build a complete Sinanju and Smurf Love with Rauf Raphanus, Jo Purnomo with his Nadleeh Gundam build. Moch Taufiq build Burj Al Arab landmark from Landmark series papercraft. All photos have been added to PR Gallery. {plusone}



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