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AS-202 Bravo - Trainer Aircraft Papercraft

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This papercraft was designed and build by Dani Hamdani. The FFA AS 202 Bravo was a single-engine low-wing, touring in a joint venture designed and manufactured by the Swiss Flug-und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein AG and the Italian SIAI-Marchetti, the latter marketed under the name SA-202 Bravo in the seventies. {plusone}


The project of the SA 202 trainer aircraft Bravo started in 1967 as a joint production between the FFA with the Italian manufacturer SIAI Marchetti. For the planned wind tunnel testing machine should be carried out and parts are manufactured, while the Italians should take over the assembly in Switzerland. The project did not progress but rather, because at SIAI no capacity was available. Thus, the program completely taken over by FFA was called the AS 202 Bravo. The first flight of the prototype took place on 7 FFA March 1969 in the Old Rhine, the first Italian-built prototype flew on 7 May 1969 the first time The first production aircraft was on 22 December 1971 its first flight. Initially, the aircraft with a 100-118 hp Avro Lycoming O-235 engine equipped (version AS 202/15). The later version of AS 202/18 other hand, has a 180 hp Lycoming AEIO-360 Avro Motor equipped, with the majority of the approximately 210 units built 1971-1989 with the more powerful engine and was only about 35 with the weaker ones. {plusone}


AS-202 Bravo - Trainer Aircraft Papercraft