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ARL-99B Helldiver Design Process - Tutorials

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Hi all, I decide to make one of labor model as a tutorial for you to learn how to design my model step by step. It' s hard for me to find time to make tutorials, so it is my first effort. I use 3 softwares : 3D Studio Max 7, Coreldraw X3 and off course the notorious pepakura designer. None of them is free, but you may replace them with some free sofwares, you can replace 3DMax with Blender or Google Sketchup as it the most expensive software, I use Max a lot for make a living beside paper model design. Okay, let we start..


1. Collecting Data :

I searched images from google search. Collect all available data about this model ARL-99B Helldiver such as photos from many angles, and blueprints if you can find ones. If you can find fine blueprints, don't worry we'll make our own.

2. Make / refine a blueprint :

Place it side by side front view blueprint and photo to make our own blueprint in Coreldraw X3 as our first step. We knew none of a single model from many manufacturers is exact the same, unless it is a copy of other manufacturer. The differences mainly reason is about production efficiency and the end quality of each manufacturer. So as in paper model, it has different design approach with other modeling method.  We are going to make our own blueprint first.

To be continued...