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Photos of Built Sinanju Gundam and ED-209 Papercraft

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I have uploaded some new photos in Paper Replika's Gallery, the newest of all are the Sinanju Gundam built by Tiew Lai Boon and The Robocop ED-209 built by Jo Purnomo and DarkAntz MkII. Tiew made some modification on his Sinanju, he use silver coated paper for its hose and made a neck tube so his robot's head can be rotate. DarkAntz put his ED-209 in his work room and added display stand on the wall, you can see there also a District 9 gun on the left. I also add more photos of other built models, there are a pair of Bali dancers and Woody with Buzz again by Jo Purnomo, and Unicorn Gundam by Putra Kenzi.




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