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Hughes X-plane XR-11

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The Hughes XF-11 was a prototype military reconnaissance aircraft, designed and flown by Howard Hughes for the United States Army Air Force. Despite promise, the XF-11 suffered a crash that nearly killed Hughes. The program never recovered from this setback. The aircraft was designed to meet the same requirements as the Republic XF-12. Specifications called for a fast, long ranging photo-reconnaissance aircraft. Said to be a scaled-up version of the earlier Hughes D-2, the final design was similar in general appearance to the World War II Lockheed P-38 Lightning [1]. It was a tricycle-gear, twin-engine, twin-boom all-metal monoplane with a pressurized central crew nacelle, with a much larger span and much higher aspect ratio than the P-38's wing. [Wikipedia]


Howard Hughes X-plane XR-11



1/100 : Howard Hughes X-plane XR-11

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