Totodile - Pokemon


Design by Kooz - Totodile (ワニノコ, Waninoko?) is the Water-type Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It resembles a small crocodile and has a short blue body broken by a yellow band on its chest. On its back and tail are four red spikes. Totodile has a big and prominent jaw, filled with many sharp teeth; it is strong enough to cut down a tree. It's very energetic, cheerful and rowdy, and occasionally can be seen running through swampy areas, biting and chomping at everything that moves. In the anime, Ash acquires a Totodile after a duel with Misty to determine its rightful owner. Ash's Totodile is rather care-free, fun loving, and loves to dance. It is shown to be friendly towards other Pokémon, and is a fast swimmer, as shown in Pokémon Heroes. Ash used Totodile in many battles throughout Johto, including the Johto League. A Totodile seen in the very first episode of the Johto series was very attached to Jessie (American style name) from Team Rocket, or more, her hair which it bites on the back. Ash's Totodile is currently at Professor Oak's lab since Ash decided to make a fresh start when going to Hoenn, and therefore, left all of its Pokémon, except Pikachu, with Professor Oak. [wikipedia]