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Mangstab bett dahh... ane kira tu tadi model kit patlabor.... ternyata dari kertas... jadi tertarik mo buat paper replika juga nehh


hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... mantabh sangath mas, jadi tertarik bikin papercraft... mas di bogor kan?kalo beli alat2 papercraft yg murah dimana mas? terima kasih infonya..


Salam kenal

halo paper replika., gw suka sm miniatur metromini, lucu.nice website^^


Saya baru tahu, kalau diindonesia ada Website PaperCraft yang "Dasyat" secara saya mencari Model dari website-website Luar Negeri, Saya kelas 2 Sma, dan Tertarik dalam Hobby PaperCraft ini, intinya, Website ini sangat Membantu sekali, Thanks !

Jude Suhara

Salut bgt ama desain Paper nya mantabh abis.. Thanks bgt ya, izin download :-)

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petunjuk pemasangan
hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa..... gw bingung ney mau ngrakitnya gmn????? kasi petunjuk dong mas julius.... ato sekalian di kasi intruksi nya dong di paper models nya.....^ ^okeh?okeh? kompak selalu buat kalian...

Ramil spiN

Hello from Russia
Julius, catch my big gratitude! Some time ago I was searching for some fancy exceptional paper model in the net and was amazed when I saw Optimus Prime head! It's so superb! By now I almost finished it and already printed 2 parts of body. It's gonna be a real brilliant in my collection! And I also printed Optimus Vehicle Mode, paper soldiers, Patlabor Ingram 2 and Scouttrooper-helmet. Don't know where can I take so much time for all of that, but I hope to... My wife sometimes even nags at me for my broad affection to this affair. You are a real master of this business! I just have one prayer to you - continue Optimus Prime. I will not outlast if you stop the project! Thank you very much for your patience and goodness!

Oki Pienandoro

Jatuh cinta dengan situs ini pada pandangan pertama,...hehe
Sedikit saran nih mas,...foto model papercraft yg sudah jadi sebaiknya dikomparasi dengan obyek yg umum (uang kertas, atau lebih baik lagi mistar 30 cm). Sehingga pengunjung bisa tau nanti besar dimensinya kira-kira seperti apa... SUKA SUKA SUKA ! Bakal jadi pengunjung tetap ! Mana RSS-nya ????


Format lainnya
kalau bisa format-nya pdo donk, biar bisa di buka di pepakura viewer.


please information about how do i do make the replika design...? thanks

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hey there Julias! I have just gotten into paper crafting and your website is the best one I found. I like your categorization; its just so well planned out. By the way, I'm not a very good modeler and I hope you would make some less complicated and more simple paper crafts please? Especially the Wall-e paper models. I love them! Thanks anyway!

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dear admin, cara download nya gimana sih?apa harus register dulu?


WA 2000
Hello guys! Thank you for your models. It's awesome. I want to show you my conversion of Walther WA 2000 Work in progress: finished model: P.S. Sorry for bad English.


HC-130H Hercules USCG
Wonderful model !!!! I wanted to point out two minor errors in the pattern: 1. Piece number 16: missing tabs on the left side 2. Piece number 31: missing some red color in the tail If you want, see my model: Many compliments for your fantastic works! Greetings from Capaso Venice - Italy



i really like this makes me want to try every models,and learn the technique


I'm just getting in to paper modeling and your sight is one of the very best I've found. Please continue the amazing models.


Greetings / Salam kenal
Translated : Greetings... I can't say a word, just... great, cool, for your papercraft. Your site is also cool, no need long time to load, with simple download link, well planned site..keep working bro... God Bless You Forever (Indonesia)

Salam kenal... saya ngga bisa bilang apa2 nih... cuma bisa bilang... hebat, keren, buat papercraftnya. websiteny juga asik ngga butuh loading lama, link downloadnya ngga ribet... bener2 niat sharing... keep working bro... God Bless You Forever lah pokoke... NICE, GREAT, BEST 4 U


Hi, its James Gemperline (aka Paragon), another card model designer, I just wanted to compliment you on the great models you have, nicer than anything I think I could design. Anyway, I was curious if you had any plans to design a model of the Droid Control Ship from Star Wars, since I'd really like to build a model of it. If not, I might have a crack at designing a model sometime...I'm just sure you'd do it better justice.

Hi James, thank you for your words :) Yes I have keep an eye on you too, and your great works :), keep it up friend :)



salam kenal - dan salut
Well done dan salam kenal. walaupun belum rakit paper model nya dan sebagian baru di download - tapi, sy salut banget soalnya ide2 nya kreatif banget. klo bole tau, paper model ini di buat oleh beberapa rekan atau dalam team gitu?
Admin :
hampir semua model disini saya sendiri yang desain, ada beberapa yang dari teman2 designer lain


nice hercules!! :>
I have build TNI AU hercules, and I very satisfied with the result. May I request for Tu-16 AURI please .. hehehehe
wow,gwa uda rakit Hercules TNI-AU en gwa puas banget hasilnya.Rancang pola pesawat TU-16 AURI dunk.....hehehehe


Model quality...
Hi. This is by far the best papercraft models I've seen and built. I built a few of Jan Rukr's alien models, Canon, Yamaha, Warhawk, a few manga models, etc... but none are as well designed and detailed as your models. My favourite is definitely the Patlabor 2 model. That might just change as soon as I get a gap to build Optimus Prime. ;)

Some designers opt for a single mesh file pushed through Pepakura, but those models aren't any fun to build because they're not sturdy enough and generally have parts where you struggle to get your fingers into. i.e. Master Chief, Predator, etc. Your segmented design approach makes the building process easier, more enjoyable and more detailed.

Thank you for consuming all our spare time with your brilliant designs... because spare time without paper, scissors and glue is wasted time.


Lovin it
I've been paper modeling for 10 years. Your site and model designs are really cool. Keep up the good work. Love the Transformers. GREAT detail.

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