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Oblivion Drone Paper Model


Written by Julius Perdana Friday, 02 May 2014 10:10

I know this is not a very new movie (2013), but it was playing again on HBO recently so it caught my attention again. This science fiction movie delivered with stunning and beautifully designed props and CG graphics. I like this movie for a particular reason, but in the general this movie is nothing original, about future earth and ET or alien connection, but there is one idea that interested me though. It is about the soul or personality is like a data on a memory card or an HDD drive, it can be copied and it will feel the same and will react the same. It suggest human is just a biological robot that can be copied. On the CG side, I love those drones.

The sound effect is amazing also how they react with the environment, it is very cool. The drone is designed for Universal Pictures by Tom Tenery (interior parts) and the beautiful white drone's casing was designed by Daniel Simon. The paper model template only contains of 3 pages of patterns to build this diy drone, exclude 1 page for a display stand. The complete model will be 8 cm height on 1:20 scale. UPDATE : also available a template with 2 times bigger below (scale 1:10)




Jaeger Striker Eureka Paper Craft Part 3 (Final)


Written by Julius Perdana Wednesday, 30 April 2014 01:58

Finally the final part is released, this part is for Striker Eureka hips and both legs. This part also has the most pages compare to the previous parts, it has 29 pages. The segments are pretty big in size, almost without small segments. There are no joint here because it was planned as a paper statue. I have not tested to standing yet, but I have calculate that both legs will be able to  support and will be quite balance. But if I am wrong you can add a square cardboard as its base and glue both feet on to it, it will support the whole body of this Australian Jaeger model.




Easter Themed Paper Crafts

Latest News

Written by Julius Perdana Thursday, 17 April 2014 19:56

I didn't make any paper crafts for celebrating Easter in this year 2014, but I have Easter themed template from last year and another one which I made couple years ago. There are Easter Bunny and Easter Basket. You can also search for easter themed template on model directory which contains tons of links to other designer's site all around the world. Happy Easter for my friends that celebrate it, may peace always be on earth.




Homemade Google Glass from Paper

Rare Models

Written by Julius Perdana Wednesday, 16 April 2014 16:42

This template is not actually for making a complete Google Glass, this only to make an accessories from paper for your existing pair of glasses to make it looks like a Google Glass. In the photo above I use a cheap glass that I bought for about a dollar. Your friend wont recognize if it is a fake one from a distance, when you wear it while driving a car or cycling :p. They will assume you have bought this cool stuff for $1500, for a moment. I made 6 colors for you to match your glasses, there are white, yellow, orange, red, light blue and light green. You only need 1 sheet of paper for making a set of Goggle Glass.




Tuti from Tuti and Friends Online Comic

Anime - Cartoon

Written by Julius Perdana Sunday, 13 April 2014 16:24

This cute little girl papercraft template was submitted by Reza Nalendra (Ongo Art). Tuti is the main character of online comic  Tuti and Friends created by Raden Mohamad Fajar (Fajar Design). She is a hyperactive little girl, innocent and always brings joy. Whenever she goes, she's always wearing a yellow safety construction helmet and carrying a giant toothbrush. The template contains 13 pages of patterns, it comes with 10 pages of instructions file, both template and assembly instructions are in PDF. Due to more than 2 Mbs of each files I split them into 2 parts each in RAR format, you have extract it after both parts have been downloaded.



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