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Firefighter Truck - MAN TGM Papermodel


Written by Julius Perdana Sunday, 16 April 2017 01:48

This truck model was actually a commissioned model from someone last year, but it never made into a complete payment, so I decided to share the model template with you all and make a use of it. The truck is a MAN TGM 18.340. The model uses color scheme from Madrid Firefighter or Bomberos Madrid trucks. The scale is 1:32. The template use 2 type of paper material, which are ordinary 160 gsm plain paper and 2-3 mm thick hard-board or cardboard. There 9 pages of template that you can print, cut, fold, glue and then assembly it into a model truck. 





New Horizons Space Probe Papermodel


Written by Julius Perdana Saturday, 01 April 2017 13:42

It's time to space themed papermodel again, this time I made a space probe from Nasa's New Frontiers Program. It is literally going to explore a void that no one has gone before. The spacecraft  was launched on 2006 and reached Pluto on 2015 and now it is still going further to explore new Kuiper Belt's objects. Perhaps you have seen a closed up photo of Pluto, it was shot by this probe. The papermodel is modeled in 1:10 scale, you can download the probe model for free. You also can buy the full version which is include the display stand for $5. 




P-51D Mustang - Was That Too Fast


Written by Julius Perdana Wednesday, 18 January 2017 06:52

Another recolor version, this time is P-51D Mustang. It's from Korean War era (1950-1953). P-51D Mustang was still use by US Air Force in the Korean war as a close air support, with bombs and rockets. This war-horse FF-943 "Was That Too Fast" was stationed at Chinhae Airfield from 1951, it was one of 18th Fighter Bomber Group. In 90s I remember playing a aircraft simulator PC game, titled "Chuck Yeager - Air Combat" and I was playing in the Korean theater using P-51D Mustang against Mig-15 jet fighter, then P-51D was replaced with F-86 Sabre in the next missions. I added additional patterns on the page 6, those are patterns for bombs and rockets.




Airbus A380-800 Thai Airways Papermodel


Written by Julius Perdana Monday, 09 January 2017 23:07

First of all, I wish you a good and happy new year, may this year 2017 will bring better life, goodness and peace. This year is by the way the 9th year for Paper Replika. I start this year by releasing Airbus A380 with this beautiful new livery, which is Thai Airways to add to the A380 Paper Replika collection. I go back to the original scale, the scale that the A380 papercraft was first released which is 1:155 scale, because it's easier to build in bigger size. The wingspan will be 50 cm in length. This Thailand airliner has 6 of A380-800 planes in the fleet and was first operational in summer 2012.




MK18 Assault Rifle 1:1 Papermodel

Firearms - Rifle - Guns

Written by Julius Perdana Tuesday, 06 December 2016 14:03

My plan was to make a M4 assault rifle, but in the process I switched to Mk18 Mod 1 because I always avoid to make a full black color model. The scale is 1:1. The templates come in 2 version, the free one and the complete version. The free one only has single attachment or accessory which is a small scope. While the complete one has 3 additional attachments, which are a "reflect aim sight", an "advanced target pointer" and a suppressor or a muzzle silencer. You can buy a complete version for 5 dollars (US) with Paypal via Selz. Once you made a payment the PDF file will send to you automatically.

WARNING : It is made of paper and will not actually shoot, just for display purposes. Please be advised, it may built with paper but it surely look like a REAL weapon, please do not use it other than display purposes, such as carry it around on public places. You could have problems with authorities. You can disassemble it when transporting. On some countries possessing this kind of model is illegal, please be sure before making the model.



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