Paper Replika Paper Model Hobby Gallery Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:21:15 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Homemade Google Glass from Paper This template is not actually for making a complete Google Glass, this only to make an accessories from paper for your existing pair of glasses to make it looks like a Google Glass. In the photo above I use a cheap glass that I bought for about a dollar. Your friend wont recognize if it is a fake one from a distance, when you wear it while driving a car or cycling :p. They will assume you have bought this cool stuff for $1500, for a moment. I made 6 colors for you to match your glasses, there are white, yellow, orange, red, light blue and light green. You only need 1 sheet of paper for making a set of Goggle Glass.

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Command Car Type 98 - Patlabor Papercraft Want to know what a dentist do in his spare time? Patlabor vehicle papermodel created by Rino Liha, he designed it as a hobby in his spare time as a dentist. Unlike the command car from the original OVA series, these cars are built for mobility rather than to protect the "Forward". Still, they're pretty heavily protected. These card come with standard issue shotguns. They are used by Division two in all vesions of the anime except the original OVA series, and they made their debut in the first Patlabor movie.

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Iranian Rial - Banknote Paper Craft I watched a TV program about Tehran in BBC Knowledge channel yesterday and it gave me idea to make an Iranian banknote to be added to World Currency category on Paper Replika. That TV program was a re-re-run :) I already watch it several  times but I never watch closely from the start to finish, although it was only the first part of the documentary. It covered about Iranian culture in a big city like Tehran, so many new understanding I got from watching that program. They are not so strict that I've imagine, for example in one Iranian shopping mall, youth hang out with western style clothing, inline skating in the street, wearing nose ring etc. Girls wear lose hijab, and they talk Parsi not Arabic as I thought before. Look like youth in Iran specially in Tehran not so different at all from some countries in the world, off course in some way.

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Deepsea Challenger Sub Paper Model I first saw this green sub in CNN website. It’s a news about James Cameron’s project on exploring the depth of the ocean. Then I Google it to find out more and found out the project is called Deepsea Challenge. The sub itself is named Deepsea Challenger or DVC-1. DVC-1 was developed secretly for 8 years in Australia. On 25 March 2012 it carried James Cameron to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, the floor of Mariana Trench, the deepest soil on earth known to man. There was no blueprint or technical drawing of this sub around the net, so I had to figure out myself the shape of the sub by using the known height which is 24 feet or 7.3 meters and photos I found on the net. I use 1:35 scale and resulted the model height is around 20 cm, not include its display stage. This sub is unique it is operating in vertical orientation, and that reminds me of a mothership in the famous game Homeworld which has very similar shape and also operate vertically. In this paper model I use 2 type of glue tabs, standard glue tabs and inner glue tabs for assembly the main body.

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Sugarcube Corner - My Little Pony Paper Craft This model was made for someone who has sent a request to my email a week ago. This building was a cake store in the Animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As usual I did not immediately make the model on demand, but this time the requested object is very beautiful. Had long since I did not make a model of a building, so the process of making this pattern is a lot of fun. I am quite satisfied with the end result. The 3D Model is made with fairly easy, only takes about a day to make a simple model of this building. But the template coloring takes much longer. This model has 5 pages of pattern with bright colors, the same as to the cartoon version.

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Custom AR Drone 2.0 hull : US Coast Guard Whispercraft Another template for AR. Drone 2.0 pilots, this template was made specifically for AR. Drone 2.0 outdoor hull, also I already created a new category for this. Started with the crash of my drone that resulting in a total loss of my previous NASA theme hull as you can see at the photo below, so I began this Whispercraft inspired hull project. Luckily the drone base itself were not damage at all because of the crash. Whispercraft is a fictional future helicopter from The 6th Day movie, starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger. When it came on coloring step, I thought it’ll be good if I color it with US Coast Guard theme. Then I search for US. Coast Guard helicopter, and found the Blackhawk then I copy some details on to this custom hull.

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Custom Wheels for Optimus Prime Simple Paper Model This is an add on for Optimus Prime simple version paper model. This is a template of custom wheels, which is more detail than the original one is created by Christian Suryanto. The template only consist of 1 page of pattern. The file is in PDF with no password. Now Christian is in progress of modifying his simple Optimus Prime paper model to become a poseable action figure, I can't wait to see the result. The assembled Optimus Prime is built by Rew Papercrafter.

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Scout Trooper Style Danboard Paper Craft This pattern was submitted by Arie Originz. He made his own creation of Star Wars scout trooper style Danboard / Danbo.  He numbered this template, 13. It kooks like he already made a bunch of paper crafts using this "danboard" like figure.  Danboard or Danbo is a very popular character among anime and manga enthusiasts. Although the figure shape only boxes with minimalistic face, it like it contains a live in it. Arie also made this paper craft articulated. The pattern is in JPG in RAR file.

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The British Grenadiers Paper-Soldier New type of soldier enlisted on Paper-Soldier category, this is The British Grenadier from 18th century, 1763. Actually I already aimed this "Red Coat" soldier to be a paper-soldier for quite a long time. As I remember they appear in The Patriot movie (Mel Gibson) an old movie Zulu, and I believe there are more that I haven't watch yet. Just like their song, there's none compare with a tow, row, row of The British Grenadiers, that red coat frighten their enemy. In their time off course, when camouflage tactic was not invented yet and when cover to shoot was for cowards. I really like their patriotic song, I think it's very encouraging, and it's one of my favorite patriotic military march songs.

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Rumah Gadang - Traditional House Paper Model Rumah Gadang or Big House in English are Minangkabau tribe traditional house, from West Sumatra. This model was inspired by a Royal Palace at Pagaruyung. There are two styles of Rumah Gadang, one level and multiple levels. Multiple level usually found on an aristocrat house. Rumah Gadang traditionally owned by a woman in the family, and will be pass to her daughter because Minangkabau is a matrilineal culture. The house must at least consist of 5 rooms and 9 rooms for ideal. The template consist of 5 pages of patterns, the scale is about 1:105. Recommend to use 120-160 grams paper.

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