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Bus Shelter & Traffic Light Papercraft

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Design by Rian Rahardi ( The most common traffic lights consist of a set of three lights: red, amber, and green. When illuminated, the red light indicates for vehicles facing the light to stop; the amber indicates caution, either because lights are about to turn green or because lights are about to turn red (depending on the region of the world you are in); and the green light to proceed, (if it is safe to do so). There are some variations in the use and legislation of traffic lights, depending on the customs of a country and the special needs of a particular intersection. There may, for example, be special lights for pedestrians, bicycles, buses, trams, etc. and there may be special rules or sets of lights for traffic turning in a particular direction. Complex intersections may use any combination of these. [wikipedia]

Bus Shelter & Traffic Light

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Metromini Shuttle Bus Papercraft

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MetroMini is the name of a company that provides public transportation vehicles in Jakarta, Indonesia. Small Buses with red-orange colors and blue with white lines down in the middle. Has a capacity of about 20-30 seats. MetroMini serve many routes inside the city of Jakarta which each route is marked by a special number. Metromini 619 is serves Blok-M to Cinere routes.

Metromini Shuttle Bus

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Morris Minor 1000 Papercraft

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Paper model design by Liem Kou Phing. The car was again updated in 1956 when the engine was increased in capacity to 0.9 L (948 cc/57 in³). The two-piece split windscreen was replaced with a curved one-piece one and the rear window enlarged. In 1961 the semaphore-style trafficators were replaced by the more modern flashing direction indicators then becoming the norm for the UK market. An upmarket car based on the Minor floorpan but with larger BMC B-Series engine was sold as the Riley One-Point-Five/Wolseley 1500 beginning in 1957: a version, with tail fins added, of this Wolseley / Riley variant was also produced in Australia as the Morris Major. [wikipedia]

Morris Minor 1000

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