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We Have a Winner - Jumping Sumo Paper Craft Contest

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Finally after a week of weighing the good work of all the participants in the Parrot Jumping Sumo Papercraft Contest, we have a winner. This time it was the hardest judging I've ever done, all the work almost as well, as creative. Some are very good and deserve to be the winner but strayed too far from the theme, which is wheeled drones. The winner is Retno Wahyuningrum with score 88. Judging is based on appearance, creativity, presentation and quality of the assembly. I think that Retno work is the most well made and also has a personality. Jumping sumo is a mini drone that has personality, he could be a cute little monster, or even a naughty little robot. Here are two other works, Susanto B Adittyo with score 85 and Reza Ongo Nalendra with score 81. As already mentioned in the contest rules, the winner and only one person will receive the prize of a Sumo Jumping. Thanks to all participants who have submitted work.

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Stearman Biplane N63495 and Navy Paper Model

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We now have an additional 2 new patterns of papercraft Stearman biplane. Sergey Timinsky has kindly share templates of Stearman, which he had re-paint. The first one is using the color pattern of US Navy, it mostly yellow with green strips, with registration number G-Obee. The second template is made by using color of  privately owned Stearman that is also yellow with white strips, with registration number N63495. Sergey shared the patterns in the form of a PDF file, so I can edit them more easily. Please use the instructions from the previous Stearman model

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Blank Template Optimus Prime Torso AOE is released

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Blank template for torso part of the Optimus Age of Extinction is released. It was quite hard to separate the part into different color, because the number of black and grey/ silver are similar.  In  some part you have to combine few color to become one part by using the colored template for reference, because there are no guidelines. You need 6 colored papers, which are black, silver, red, dark blue, gold and chrome.


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CCTV Camera Paper Craft That Really Working

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This was submitted by Louis Barreau from France. He modify the existing Paper Replika CCTV camera papercraft into a real working web camera. Louis used his old webcam and stripped off the casing and put the PCB along with the camera just behind the infra red LED part on the CCTV camera model. Now his webcam looks like a CCTV camera and he put it on his cabinet. The model itself has the capability of rotate-able horizontally and tilt, so the webcam angle can be positioned as needed. With long enough cable it also can be function as a security camera for your room in the house. Speaking about house, now I am working on a traditional Betawi house free papercraft model and a local commissioned papercraft project.

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Sword Impulse Gundam Costume Made Out of Paper

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Lee Gunawan made his Sword Impulse Gundam costume using a pattern from He enlarge and modify the existing patterns so that he can use it as a costume. Lee built this costume includes enlarging the pattern in his spare time for about 7 months. He added layers of eva foam from 4 to 20 mm thickness inside the costume to reinforce the suit. He also added layer of waterproof coating inside the suit and anti damp clear coating on the outside to prevent water or his sweat ruining the suit. Lee needs 2 of his friends to help him wear the costume. It is quite heavy, about 8 kilograms and it also makes his mobility very limited, just small steps when walking.

The reason why he choose the Sword Impulse Gundam because the template is quite simple but with enough interesting detail. Lee spent no more than $200 USD to build this suit. He is planning to wear his gundam costume to an Anime Festival that will be held in Surabaya 7-8 June 2014. Now Lee is finishing his study in Interior Architecture major.

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