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Extra 300 RC Plane 900 mm - Page 4

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Extra 300 RC Plane 900 mm
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Put the clear canopy and glue it with styrofoam glue like UHU Por, don't use hot glue or CA glue, it will be a mess!

This is how the landing gear is assembled. You can use 3 mm plywood as a base. 3 mm and 2.8 mm stainless steel rods. You need to refer to the plans for the exact dimension. Bend the rods and assembly them like the picture above. I use nylon thread to hold steel to steel or steel to plywood. And finally hardened the thread with CA glue.

Use 40 mm wheel. Place the wheels on rods, secure them. Add both wheel pants (36,37 and 38) to the wheel shafts and secured them with hot glue.

Install landing gear with hot glue. Cover landing gear struts with mica plastic or you can use 3 mm foam sheet using part 37 as template.

Use 3 mm plywood as a rear landing gear base (38). Make strut with pushrod wire as in the plans. Wrap the wire and the plywood base with nylon thread and hardened it with CA glue. Use 20 mm wheel. Finally install the rear landing gear with hot glue.

I recommend to use 45 mm plastic spinner or you can make it yourself with foam like in the picture above. It stayed in 3 flights until it flew away on the 4th flight, but perhaps yours can hold longer, LOL.

Please use this Extra 300 plans for personal use only, Do not use for any commercial purpose.
By downloading the plans you have agree to follow the above terms.

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