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Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

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This papercraft template was requested by a Paper Replika friend. She emailed me to make it happen so she can build it for her son. I made the Barbarian because the character are cute and the game itself has so many interesting subjects. The Archer is also cute. Actually I had Clash of Clans installed in my Tablet for sometime, but then I uninstalled it. The reason is that I don't have much time to play that kind of game, a game that need to be maintained. At first I planned to make it into a single or two pages, but there are many interesting detail that need to be made, so here it is, as simple as possible with 4 pages of patterns.

Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft

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Barbarian - Clash of Clans Papercraft template

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