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Optimus Prime Age of Extinction Paper Craft - Leg

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Finally finished the legs of Optimus Prime after intensively working on for over a week. The many reference images of Optimus Prime made me confused to choose the best version. In the end I combine multiple versions into one, and simplify it. The legs the new Optimus Prime is quite different from the previous films, a bit like a  Gundam legs. The legs is made up of 37 pages effectively. Page starts with the left leg, and then right leg and the hip. Parts of the right leg use the same number with the left leg, simply reversed. After the hips and legs affixed to the torso parts, the overall high of Optimus will be 70 cm.

Don't glue part 24 before all parts are combined and ready to be posed.

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Optimus Prime Age of Extinction Papercraft - Leg color template

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