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Flappy Bird Paper Craft

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I am not really in to mobile games, but this game is one that caught my attention after Angry Bird. I am not going to share my score, I even don't have a chance to play it. After I read about Flappy Bird almost on any websites I have visited in this week, I tried to look for it but I could not find Flappy Bird game in Google Play, and later I found out it was already put downed by its creator Dong Nguyen. In curiosity I searched the gameplay on Youtube, and it looks kinda challenging, and everybody find this game is very hard. I am a gamer actually, umm or I was :), since my computer is out of date I rarely playing new games anymore, also I am busy with other hobbies :). Okay this is a simple paper craft depicting the main character of Flappy Bird mobile game.

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Flappy Bird Paper Craft template

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