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Iron Man Mk39 Gemini Paper Model Part 1

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Mark 39 Gemini ini one of the coolest armors created by Tony Stark that is appears on Iron Man 3. It is created after The Avengers time line, in the climax end in the Avengers movie, Stark goes to space to bring the nuclear missile war head to destroy enemy's portal and his armor shuts off because the Mark 7 is not designed to travel in space. I think the use Gemini name inspired from the real NASA human spaceflight program that is also named Gemini, Project Gemini on 1965 to 1966. The scale of this paper model is 1:6. This part 1 template consist of 5 pages of patterns and was designed by duo Cristiano and Suraj.

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Iron Man Mark 39 Gemini Paper Model Part 1 PDF template - PDO template

Iron Man Mk39 Gemini Paper Model Part 1

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