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Haunebu II - III WW2 German Flying Saucer Paper Model

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Haunebu is an alleged out of this world technology that was possessed by the German in 1940s during World War II. This technology was capable to produce anti gravity flying vehicle and war machine, by using information from other worldly being, that's the idea of the story . This myth started from a novel in 1871 titled Vril, the Power of the Coming Race, and it is evolved until now. Is it true? I always thought there's always a truth in some part behind every myths. But I think if the German really had it, it should have been possessed by the American by now, transferred in Operation Paperclip, 1945. This myth also adapted into a movie "Iron Sky" 2012. This post is a re-release of my old forgotten model from my dead site (2008). These two haunebu once have a link in Paper Replika model directory but it was removed.

Haunebu II assembly instructions :

Haunebu III assembly instructions :


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Haunebu II Paper Model template - download
Haunebu III Paper Model template - download

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