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Triangle of Life paper toys

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The Triangle of Life is a controversial theory advocated by Doug Copp about how to survive a major earthquake. It is intended to replace the traditional "drop, cover, and hold on" tactic. Copp recommends that, at the onset of a major earthquake, building occupants should seek shelter near solid items that will provide a protective space, a void or space that could prevent injury or permit survival in the event of a major structural failure -- a "pancake collapse". Such failures are rare in western communities where opponents argue the drop, cover and hold on tactic will prevent the vast majority of gravity-induced injuries that occur more frequently. [wikipedia]

Triangle of Life paper toys

Triangle of Life paper toys

Sumatra shaken again by earthquakes on the end september 2009. This time it hit hard with magnitude of 7.6 in Richter scale. It happened not so long since West Java earthquake. The chain disasters sure enough to finally made Indonesian people to be aware of their land is often hit by earthquakes. It happened hundreds and thousand years ago, it will happen again as long as we live on this planet.


Triangle of Life paper toys

Triangle of Life paper toys

Triangle of Life paper toys

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Triangle of Life paper toys template

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