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3D Modeling for Paper Model Tutorial

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3D Modeling for Paper Model Tutorial
Preparing Blueprint on Gmax
Modeling 3D boat
Modeling 3D boat 2
Exporting 3D model to Pepakura
Setting up the scale
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As I mentioned before in the tutorial introduction, paper model template design is a series of steps using 3 co-operative softwares. We’re going to use drawing software [inkscape], 3d modeling software [gmax]  and 3d unfolding software [pepakura 3d designer]. Because the long list of have to do on each steps I’ll focus on 3d modeling with paper modeling approach and a glance on how to export our 3d model into 3d unfolding software in this tutorial. I'm not going to wait until all the tutorial of this step is complete, I'll upload whenever is ready and will continue until it finish, so make sure to check this page everyday

Collecting Data :
I have Google and collect some images of our subject, a US Coast Guard Response Boat Small [RBS]. Each image has different angle and different details seen in all of them, each image is very useful to build a whole image  and 3d geometry image of our subject in our brain. We now see how it will looks like, but we have to simplify that image into 2 or 3 view drawing or blueprint. Blueprint will make 3d modeling much easier, it will be our guide.

Making blueprint :
Luckily we have one side view drawing and with 2 other important images I managed to draw a simple blueprint we need with inkscape by using “freehand lines” tool [F6]. First I import a side view drawing into inkscape by dragging the image off from explorer and drop it onto inkscape workspace and choose embed for that image properties. Then I resized it by dragging the diagonal pointer and press Ctrl in the same time, it made the image resized uniformly. Then I change image opacity into 30 and then start trace it using Freehand lines tool [F6]

I have decided to model a “waterline” type of model boat, that’s mean we’re going to model boat parts that we actually seen above the water, we won’t make parts that submerge under water. The next step is to export the drawing into bitmap [PNG]. Draw a box surround our drawing with “create rectangles and squares” tool [F4]. Click File - Export Bitmap, when dialog window open, choose Drawing and fill dpi with 200 dpi on Bitmap size. Save as drawing.png and drawing.svg.

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Comments (6)
  • robin crabb  - awsome
    brilliant mate this has been along time coming for the community now hopefully more people will design models. thank you
  • Eli Kendra  - A little help
    Thanks for this amazing tutorial. I am trying to follow your directions, but when I drag the drawing.png into gmax the image I see looks nothing like your example. When I drag the "drawing.png" into the plane I get choppy lines, not smooth. Any ideas of what is happening? Thanks E
  • Julius Perdana
    Eli please look at this article : How to improve material image quality in Gmax Viewport -
  • Eli Kendra  - Thanks
    Don't know why i didn't see that, but thanks. E
  • charlie  - question
    good day friend..this article is so a newby here in paper-replika and i learn a lot of this tutorial...just want to ask when will be the realese of tutorial for coloring ang exporting to pdf file...thank you and more power.. :cheer:
  • Peter Walker  - Any Update?
    Is there any update on the next part of this fantastic tutorial?
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