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Steve Jobs Figurine Paper Craft

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Steve Jobs name still mentions on major news site, his memory remains, his legacy live on. Although I don't have any of his product, Mr. Jobs still inspired me with his passion on his job, passion for what he love to do and the way he think, I think alot of people will agree with me about that. This paper craft template is also a sample of paperavatar template that I design and customized by Chris Ryan. Actually I already asked to Chris to make this custom template and I hope it can be release after Apple I and Apple II computer, but Chris is very busy that time so the release time is delayed. This template is in PDO, you can use Pepakura Viewer to open it. With this release I also created a new category for public figure figurine, it is paper-avatar.


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Steve Jobs Figurine Paper Craft template

Steve Jobs Figurine Paper Craft
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