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Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Shield Part

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This is an accessories part for the existing Sinanju Gundam paper model kit, which is the shield. Sinanju's shield is quite long, about 80% of its the height from toe to its head. Templates consist of 12 pages for large version 68 cm and 5 pages for the small version 38 cm. After this release there is only one thing left to be made, that is its cannon.

Also available Beam rifle and axe by *Destro2k

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Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Shield Part Large version template

Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Shield Part Small version template

Sinanju Gundam Beam Rifle by *Destro2k (Large version)

Sinanju Gundam Axe by *Destro2k (Large version)

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