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Hydra Sub - The First Avenger Captain America Papercraft

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Tekzo is very productive lately, he always got something interesting for us, one after another, never stop creates and creates more rare paper model kits from military model to sci-fi model. This time he created paper craft template for a Hydra Submarine from The movie Captain America The First Avenger in 1:35 scale. When I was read his post previously in PERI forum, I wonder he suddenly change as the Axis fan turned to Allied Force fan (Captain America), But I was wrong, this personal submarine is from the Axis side, and he never change :p. There still no blueprint or model yet on the net so he use photographs to make the model as you can see on one image below, he use AutoCAD to draw the top view of the sub, it will later export to a 3d software for 3d modeling.

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Hydra Sub - The First Avenger Captain America Papercraft

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