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Optimus Prime Simplified Version Papercraft

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Finally after 3 weeks on the making this simple Optimus Prime paper craft template is done. This Transformer action figure is supposed to be release on this afternoon but the file crashed while on saving process on my computer and it is resulting an error in the file so I can't open it anymore. Thanks to our friends, fellow papercraft lovers Pixel Kakashi - papercraft designer from Paperpokes and Ivan (I Fun X treme) who answered my distress call on Paper Replika facebook page in the first minute and for use their time to fixing the file and thanks to Gustavo Silva too for the tips on how to recover a backup file, without you guys perhaps we all have to wait much longer for this template to be complete, because I have to re draw it all over again. Back to the simple Optimus templates, the 3d modelling is pretty easy because I already have the detail one as a reference, but the unfolding and texturing need a lot of time. The template contains 15 pages in A4.

The way he hold the sword is reverse from the movie, I use the movie poster as reference, so the left hand that is holding the sword. You may choose whether to use canon on the right hand or just making just the right hand. Right arms parts is included on the template but are not visible in this assembly instructions, you must figure out yourself. trust me, they are easy to spot :)

Use part 93 to connect part 22 with the shoulders. Part 93 also use to connect parts 28.

You have to bend two part of 92 to become curved then attach them with their connectors to the sides of the abdomen just like the picture above. Their connectors also numbered 92.

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Optimus Prime Simplified Version Papercraft full templates (13 MB)

Download partial : part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

Optimus Prime Simplified Version Papercraft

Comments (19)
  • Suraj Prakash
    Hell Yeah!! Julius you are a Legend :) great design, good work and Awesome as Always!! :)
  • yudhistira  - marvellous work !!!
    Yayyy.. !! can't wait to download and bulid it !! You are a legend Jules !!! Thanks for your great works !!! :cheer:
  • Elso Craft  - Great .....
    Great job again mate !! hard or easy to make both are incredible ! The pose is very good captured ;) I hope finish your old version in 2 months... All the best !
  • NSCXP2005  - Incredible Work
    Great work Julius! Will you be making a more advanced version? All the best, NSCXp2005
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - very disappointed in it because it isn't in a pdf
    i wish guys who design paper model for free and put them on their websites would get rid of the rar zip stuff because simple reason being no one will ever purchase the rar zip stuff because i foundout that type of software has viruses in it and on that software, i have tried to open several pdf files on this website and they all have that file,if anyone can't open a pdf file without the on it what is the use of paper models then anyway. if and when you get around to it would you send me the simple pdf file on optimus prime, and there was renault truck and trailer in pdf file on here as well. when will the trailer be ready for download as well. i can be reached at my e-mail on this
  • Tora  - Awesome, but password protected :(
    Looks really awesome and was looking forward to making it...but the file is password protected and won't open. :(
  • Darren  - Replacement Head
    Would there be one with a replacement head with open mouthguard? That would be cool.
  • nick  - lol
    @Tora dude it tells you the pass right near the top of the page lol u need to get ur eyes checked or sumthin? :huh:
  • jefte de oliveira  - Optimus is optimus
    excelente trabalho gostaria de utilizar os modelos paper replika para uma feira de ciencias na escola do meu filho e também divulgar este nobre hobbye. obrigado
  • Ani  - What Quality of paper should i use
    Hi i just wanted to know what GSM and paper quality should I use for this
  • Anonymous
    tanks god!!!!! jajaja gracias julius por este trabajo!
    อยากได้ pattern optimus ต้องทำไง file ที่โหลดไป ต้องใช้ password เปิด ทำไงดีครับ
  •  - ㅇㄹㄴㅇ
    ㄹㄴㅇㄹㄴㅇㄹ :shock:
  • mantri  - transformer
    :shock: exelent
  • sank
    EXELENT!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • joe  - good
    i like it !!thank you
  • joe  - good
    i like it !!thank you
  • amir  - 3x larger
    hello i want ask you if it is possible for you make this OPTIMUS PRIME 3x larger and of course in standup position over his both legs thanks
  • albie
    good job
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