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STAR WARS Models Colossal

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In celebrating 1 Million visitations I declared Feb 20th - March 31th is A Star Wars Models Month. It's time to payback. Thank you for your visitations, comments, compliments, suggestions, critics and donations.

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These are the model list which will be modeled.


X-Wing : Rebel Force 
Tie Fighter
AT-ST Walker
Imperial Shuttle
Vulture Droid
Millenium Falcon
Star Destroyer
Speeder Bike

Most of them are suggestions and requests from many emails, comments and PM which I received. May the force be with us... happy valentine's day, I love u all guy. Video above uploaded on youtube by mayorcete

Jules is not affiliated, representation  or endorsed  by Lucasfilm. All registered trade marks mentioned above are belong to their respective owners - Lucasfilm. visit STAR WARS website.

STAR WARS Models Colossal
Comments (4)
  • Jorge  - Why never
    There's no paper model for the Luke's speeder. Why ?, it's cool ,
  • saplatheamazing  - Selamat....selamat...
    selamat atas sejuta visitornya
  • mj8  - ir
    :grin some models are already in exsistence but newer versions of them i'll aplaude
  • Peter  - ......
    you put the all great things which makes all people getting interested. but yes thats right, i agree. all you mention is make a sense. =-=
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