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Transformers - Iron Hide Papercraft

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We have another awesome transformer model, it is a truck mode or vehicle mode of a Autobot member, Ironhide. This pretty detailed truck is designed by my friend Arif Suseno. This truck is accompany with robot mode papercraft which can be downloaded at his site, which also hosts the assembly instructions for the truck mode. He said this release also to celebrate 3rd anniversary of his website.

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Transformers - Iron Hide Papercraft templates

Transformers - Iron Hide Papercraft

Comments (7)
  • Vasily
    Excuse me, but Ironhide is an Autobot member. :(
  • Gordon  - how tall is ironhide robot mode papercraft
    if i use A4 size paper print how tall is ironide robot mode papercraft?
  • Tito Prasetyo
  • Julius Perdana
    yes you're right, silly me :confused:
  • bppc
  • qordudgns
    :pinch: Umm,,,,, can you give me a instruction please?
  • Joe
    hey can we get a more detailed and movie accurate version of this please? i know there are more detailed versions of prime and bumblebee. it'd be great if we could add a detailed ironhide as well. probably the best autobot out there. also, it'd be a great farewell tribute to ironhide, being that he died in the last movie.
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