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Photos of Dragunov and Hagglunds BV206 Paper Model

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There are new photos from two categories added on Paper Replika gallery, Dragunov SVD and the recent release Red Cross Hagglunds BV206. Dragunov was built by Adhiwardhana Widjajanto using Jasmine 160 gsm paper, Canon ip1880 inkjet printer with original ink and PVaC glue. He made a modification of dragunov telescope by made it aimable and add transparent plastik as its glass lens, and also he add some reinforcement to its constructions to made it more rigid and stiff. Hagglunds BV206 made by Vickyd Vincho, he took the photos when it on display at recent PERI event which was Urban Fest 2010 yesterday.

Photos of Dragunov SVD
Photos of Hagglunds BV 206

Download Dragunov SVD - Hagglunds BV 206