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Lika : Celebrating Year of Tiger 2010

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Hi friends, her name is Lika. She is Paper Replika's new mascot. She is so happy in this Year of Tiger celebration, because she wears her favorite costume ^^. She was born on the seventh day, that is sunday, on the seventh day of this month, February 2010. She is actually a 99th model although it is written to be the 100th model. She has 12 parts, I didn't plan this day to be her birthday I just realize it when I type this article. There's always something behind something.

Lika : Celebrating Year of Tiger 2010

Human emotion is still an enigma, the way we respond to that is also intriguing. The result of an emotion is devastating if not beautiful feelings. Yesterday I had a bad mood, at my lower mood because of things which affected me deeply. So I had to get rid of that mood killer by doing something, so I decided to get back on track, since Paper replika doesn't have a mascot yet so I tried to design one. The result made happy, very happy, she boost my mood. Welcome to this world Lika :). Every my model has a piece of me, just like Lika, designed by my heart. If you notice every girl faces I've designed always has a black tiny dot on her left cheek, just like my daugther's face, Kanaya. I will always remember this day, Lika's birthday.

Lika : Celebrating Year of Tiger 2010

Lika : Celebrating Year of Tiger 2010

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Lika : Celebrating Year of Tiger 2010 papercraft template

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