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Optimus Prime Part 2C Papercraft

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Optimus Prime paper model part 2C contains 15 pages of letter - A4 paper. To be continued to part 2D (the last sequence of part 2). There are some parts from Peterbilt truck that re-use for Prime parts.

Optimus Prime Part 2C

Optimus Prime Part 2C

Build by Kurniadi Widodo, see other images on PR Gallery

Optimus Prime Part 2C

Optimus Prime Part 2C



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Optimus Prime Part templates 2C

Optimus Prime Part 2C Papercraft
Comments (64)
  • Ki Kie
    bagiam ke 8 mana ya? koq dari 7 langsung ke 9??
  • marco lattino  - Instructions n. 8
    ciao a tutti, qualcuno ha notizie delle istruzioni di fig.8?
  • Julius Perdana
    I already add instructions #8, thanks :P
  • Julius Perdana
    I already add instructions #8, thanks :P
  • marco lattino  - Grazie
    Grazie Julius. :whistle:
  • topcat0
    Hi Julius, I still can't find #8 in the pics. Where it should go? :pinch: Thanks a lot :lol:
  • topcat0
    Well, well, well... i finally found the right location for piece #8. It's visible in pic assy7.jpg. [b]It attaches #10 and #1[/b]. :woohoo:
  • eay
    Wow I gonna do its
  • Benjamin  - °3°
    grrrreatt !! excelent work ... as always :p this will be a real masterpice :)
  • erebos  - Great stuff
    thanks man :D
  • Gonzalo Gallegos  - WOOOWWW!!
    I only can say..... WOWWW!!! This is great!! A Genius Work!!! And that's Jules!!! WOWWW!!!!!
  • Kevin Chapman  - excellent work as always!
    these parts really add a lot on to optimus prime! I was so excited when I read this article that I took an early day from work, went straight home, printed the parts, and already have them all scored and some cut out. I'm going to glue the individual pieces together until the instructions come out. One question: How big is part 2d going to be? Looking at production art of him, there are a LOT of parts on the back, and on the lower torso that would need to be added on to this guy to make the body complete. Just wondering if I'll need to get more ink before the next part comes out lol. :p
  • Kevin Chapman  - cont'd
    sorry, comment field ran out. in any case jules, keep up the awesome work and take your time. don't burn yourself out of working on this absolutely amazing model. I'm having such a great time building this :)
  • Kosmos  - Help me
    Can you share me part C's instruction. I like it, but can not make it if it doesn't have instruction Thank
  • Kevin Chapman  - re-read the article
    see those words in caps at the bottom of the page? INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT READY YET. Jules hasn't had time to finish them, give him a little bit of time and be patient. sheesh.
  • krz_cuy  - TOP
    Mantap boos.... ini yg ditunggu2...... makasih ya... lanjutkan perjuanganmu...
  • Ati  - help me!
    Hi! Please lay it already up the 2c part instructions! thanks
  • dan durocher  - STOP ASKING FOR INSTRUCTIONS!!!
    They'll be up when he's ready to put them up. Besides, it's so easy to figure out how it goes together. Use the above pictures and the patterns of missing textures on part 2b. Thanks so much Jules. He's coming along nicely.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - any instructions on part one a of optim
    hello i was wondering where the instructions on part one a , part 2 b and part 3 c of optimus prime are and how it all goes together, i can't seem to get them or find them to put all of optimus prime together.
  • FangSheng  - help
    :cry I am chinese ,Ican not download. I do not konw why. Who send WALL-E paper models for me . thanks. :cry
  • FangSheng  - help
    :cry I am chinese ,Ican not download. I do not konw why. Who send WALL-E paper models for me . thanks. :cry
  • Kevin Chapman  - .
    go to the front page, under optimus prime part 2c's article, it'll show part 2a and 2b under related articles. the instructions are linked in those two articles. as for part 2C, like everyone else. BE PATIENT. you guys that are begging for instructions to this are gonna drive julius nuts, you should know better.
    The instructions will be up when he puts them up and you can download with the instruction download button which is right above the regular download button when he is finished making the instructions. When will the instructions be ready by the way?
  • Ati  - ??
    How many times you write it yet down this?? :x
  • Kevin Chapman  - .
    as many times as it takes to get you guys to realize that Jules doesn't HAVE to make this for us, and the more you pester him on it the less he'll want to work on it and release it. Be patient and stop telling him what to do. It's an insult to him to shit up his website with "GIVE INSTRUCIONS NAO PLZ" when we should be doing nothing but praising him and cheering him on for these models he makes for us FOR FREE. If you're that bored/anxious, kill time by building the pieces individually and set them aside for when the instructions come out, it's what I've been doing and it's helped alot.
  • geiner  - thanks for your awsom work
    thank you for this model, I´ve been building it since you posted the first part on day 1... i´ts sitting in my cubeicle at work and I can´t wait to see it standing completed. recieve a big thankyou from Costa Rica cheers!
  • cristiano dias  - link no is working
    hello! , the link for download is not working
  • Kevin Chapman  - zaifojin:
    Julius made a post earlier about how he was in the process of moving files over to a new server. Since it's not on this one anymore, it's on the new one and will be ready to dl again when everything is moved over.
  • bsb33  - good model
    I can'nt wait any more
  • cristiano dias  - thanks for information
    hello friend! thanks for the info I wonder if it would have the possibility of you sending me the file by e-mail thanks zaifo jin
  • cristiano dias  - send this e-mail
    send my e-mail add me
  • kaseper  - why??
    why so so so so long to completed the torsoo... i cant wait.... ^^ hurry hurry... :) :) :)
  • kaseper  - knapa??
    kk knapa lama sekali buat nyelesain badan nya?? susah sekali ya buat desain model nya?? trus aku mau tanya nih... klo bole kasi tau saya pakek progam apa buat nge disain model2 nya??
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - great paper model of optimus prime
    :) hello, by the way great paper model of optimus prime, i have just about got the whole torso together and starting the head right now, awaiting the arms and legs now, it seems like this whole paper model of optimus prime it looks like it ould be a foot or 2 foot tall paper model. judging by the size of the whole paper model, the top portion of the torso looks about a foot wide in itself. but all over a very good great paper model.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - great paper model of optimus prime
    :) great paper model of optimus prime, the top portion of the torso of optimus prime is about a foot wide and it looks really great. judging by the size of the paper model it looks like it will be about 2 foot tall. and i am awaiting for the arms and legs to complete the whole optimus prime paper model. and once i have it all done i'll send pictures back to jules to show him what i have done, and i'll also send pic's as i was building it as well.
  • Gordon  - about 2c INSTRUCTIONS
    when will finished 2c INSTRUCTIONS wait for many days :sigh
  • Kevin Chapman  - are you guys blind or just stupid???
    READ THE FRONT PAGE Julius is moving files over to a new server. HE SAID IN A POST THAT UPDATES WOULD BE DELAYED. Would you ungrateful little pricks just SHUT UP AND BE PATIENT? If anything you should be thanking julius for his hard work on this. Not GIMME GIMME, WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG HURRY UP. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If I was Julius I'd do a F.U. and not release the rest of the model. Which is what I'm sure he'll do if you children don't knock it off. Remember, he doesn't have to do this for us. He's making this for us FOR FREE. Show some gratitude and BE PATIENT.
  • barry  - Optimus Prime
    Excellent model, cant wait to see it completed. people need to wait though instead of complaining. my girlfriends uncle is printing it out for me 4 times bigger. im 6 foot and the chest is wider than mine, its going to be huge
  • Terry Koh  - Julius...dust ur feet and move on
    Julius, this is indeed a great effort by you, Can't thank you enough. Just dust off those negative comment that you get here. You are doing the right thing!!1 chapsy - thumbs up!!! fox186, kasep and all the people with a big "L' on the forehead - woe to you!!! why dont you just shut up!!!
  • Christian J. Ramirez  - can you please make this
    Hi! I was wondering if you could make a Megatron that looks the revenge of the fallen version after you complet the whole optimus prime. Please make a Megatron. I'd think it would look good with the optimus prime. So please!!!!!!!!!
  • ruben  - great work
    hey this model is great keep up the great work and to those who can't wait you can't rush perfection
  • irone glenn  - hats off!
    im always waiting for updates on this work of art.. i am really amazed by the detailsl.. keep up the great work Jules!.. im really hoping you could finish this one..^^
  • Saulo Sousa  - awesome
    i`m in love with this model, i cant help but wait the next part... great job julius
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - a very very neat paper model
    hello, i have just finished my optimus prime head, and chest piece . i will wait to see the last section. so i was wondering if there will be more of the transformers to come as well.
  • szpunek  - instruction
    Hi! Nice Opti model, but i have little problem about some parts. I don't see in front of opti any number of parts like 32, 36,37 Please help me update instruction
  • Mario  - Found it..
    wow optimus prime...(found it at last 8) ).. this papercraft is so so awesome...the details, the parts...and the WIP... is not common that i found the WIP in the papercraft i really appreciate it.. The WIP means thar THIS Optimus Prime is obviously born from your hard hard & hard works.. (for me to assembly this model is hard, can't imagine how hard is the design process :sigh ) Jules, keep the good work, keep the spirit.. :grin
  • Saulo Sousa  - agreed
    be patient people...
  • Saulo Sousa  - agreed
    be patient people...
  • Kevin Chapman  - Hey jules
    It's been a while since we've heard any updates on this guy. Is part 2D currently a WIP?
  • ben  - 2D Development
    Patience my friends. Based on the profile of the legs and arms, not to mention the movable points and their reinforcements, i believe that this stage poses more difficult development challenges for Jules. However, I believe in his talent and capacity to resolve whatever issues that arise during the development. Keep it up, my friend. Regards.
  • ben  - 2D Development
    Patience my friends. Based on the profile of the legs and arms, not to mention the movable points and their reinforcements, i believe that this stage poses more difficult development challenges for Jules. However, I believe in his talent and capacity to resolve whatever issues that arise during the development. Keep it up, my friend. Regards.
  • Ati  - He Gyuszi!!!
    He teca! Ne basszá fel tedd már fel a 2D részt! Szióka
  • ivan  - Optimus Prime Part 2C
    That torso is perfect. I am waiting for part 2D.
  • ivan  - Hi,
    Òîçè ìîäåë å ñòðàõîòåí :) :) :) :) :)
  • khoi le  - Help me
    who can help me? there are three number 36 and 37. there are two number 36 and 37 which is glass of windows and one number 36 and 37 which i do not where I should be craft and 64 65 I do not know too :((
  • Juan Reza  - maste of masters
    Master of Masters Very nice model congratulation i am new in this hobby and this is my first model in paper i am plastic modeler but this is new for me , this is an amazing model and you my friend are a amaizing disigner congratulations again, i m wating for complete model
  • Ivan  - Optimus Prime Part 2C
    This is great :zzz :zzz
  • Ivan  - Optimus Prime Part 2C
    I want the next part :cry :cry
  • greg  - Next Please
    yo bro - great work!!! thank u - now got a new great hobby. i have finished part 2C and now await for the rest with much eagerness....hope it wud be up soon the hands and the legs. i wud also like to post the pics of my any way to do so? :)
  • khoi le  - who can help me
    everyone can help me number 36 37 and 64 65 where i must craft thank you very much :cry :cry :cry
  • Christian J. Ramirez  - When is part 2D going to be released
    i've been wondering when 2D is going to be released ! :(
  • Krzsztof  - 6
    almost 6 months i wait for 2d;(
  • Gaston  - CONGRATS!!
    Just... AWESOME!! I can't wait for 2D part!!! THANK'S A LOT!!! VERY SO GOOD JOB!!
  • Darcru
    i need part 3 of optimus, pliiiis[size=large][/size]
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