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Mr. Bean and His Car Paper Craft (Do It Yourself Mr.Bean)

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The paper model  template was designed by Wong Hidayat and test built by Anjar. I first noticed Wong posted his work on Mr. Bean car in PERI Facebook group. Mr. Bean's car is a British Leyland Mini 1000. Wong never release the car until now when he added Mr. Bean figure on top of the car depicting one of Mr. Bean's episode "Do it yourself Mr. Bean". The episode shows Mr. Bean is buying a lot of stuff for the house including wall paint cans, an armchair, broom and many others that are put inside Mr. Bean's car. The car is fully filled with stuff but he got a brilliant idea to take all the stuff in the car back to home. It looks like this episode is happen before Christmas, because I remember after Christmas and new years party when he blows up the paint can to color his room white.

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You can download this template at my friend's blog

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