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Optimus Prime Part 2A Papercraft

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Optimus Prime Part 2AAnother parts for OP's paper model. Part 2A is only 30% of his total torso parts. Because of too many parts in part 2 to unfold and texturize, they easily got me  bored. A long term development for a single model apparently is not my nature. That feeling is very danger to the continuity of this project, so I must stop for a while modeling other models that I want in the present and when I got the mood I will continue again, I am sorry that's the only way to finish this project.

Build by Kurniadi Widodo (Indonesia)

Optimus Prime Part 2A

Optimus Prime Part 2A


Optimus Prime Part 2A

Optimus Prime Part 2A

Optimus Prime Part 2A

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Optimus Prime Part templates 2A

Optimus Prime Part 2A Papercraft

Comments (29)
  • yazmin
    me encanta esta padrisimo
  • Benjamin  - Impressive....most impressive
    Hi i'm quite new here. I'm a french model maker newbie to the papercraft's world. Your OP model is really impressive. i'm trying to build the Bumblebee in A3 format and tour OP will be great next to it. Keep continuing that really good job ! keep it up :)
  • Mel Stoll  - Nice work again!!
    Thanks Jules, keep up the Excelent work. I believe that it might be boring modelling/texturizing a model like that. But remember this, you will be worshiped like a God in the papercraft world. When ready it will be the most expetacular paper work ever. Your name will last for ages to come. Keep up, pleeeeease keep up.
  • Timothy Allen Shifflett  - great job
    :) hello, i will wait for the rest of this optimus prime paper model, keep up the very hard very good work on it.
  • Gonzalo Gallegos  - Go Jules! Go! Go!
    Dear Jules! I think we all undestand your "boring" about this design process. But.... What can WE do so you increasse the motivation? How can we help you to get the inspiration? Think about this and let we know! Congratulations.
  • Anwar  - We understand
    Jules: We understand what you say. I think we must be patience about this project. How can we help you? what we can do to motivate you? Take care, and thanks again for the amazing models you share with us. From the bottom of my heart, thanks.
  • David  - Optimus Prime
    Hello, I'm ycorx and I live in Argentina! First of all I desir is an excellent project that the construction of this amazing Optimus Prime. Also wanted to say that would be a shame to leave this great project because it is a unique model, and its details and textures are very good. While I have no knowledge on the subject of modeling and creation of models, is to design a model of this magnitude requires hard work and dedication and above all things a lot paciensia. Models come along for some time and do not let the truth be amazed with the quality that their models are. I say goodbye for now, and as always be aware of this excellent model, and hope I can go ahead with this project, since by now you can join Papercraft great models!! Greetings and Congratulations on the progress of Optimus Prime !!!!!! :)
  • Wojtee  - Keep up!
    Hi, just keep it up. And take your time, there is no hurry. We are paper modellers, we are patient ;) And I hope the builds from all around the world will be enough motivation ;)
  • Carlos  - Take your time Jules !!!!
    Hi Jules ! I dont make designs because i dont know how, but i know the work and decication that needs to do a model desing ! So take your time, there is no hurry at all ! i think that we (the builders) can wait as long as is necessary ! and i want to tell you that, you have alot of fans who support you !! and you do not even know ! Im from Venezuela and i love your models and i think you're a great designer ! even better than some commercial models ! so i think that we are willing to wait as long as you need, having only the hope that you finish this great model ! A fan of you Carlos Elias
  • Julius Perdana  - Thank you
    Thank you very much to all my friends all around the world. Your support and compliments just made this project worth to continue, I will continue this project... even piece by piece, part by part, no schedule just one goal, 130 cm standing proudly Optimus Prime :).. Thanks again.. all of you.. my friends. peace & love - Jules
  • Julius Perdana  - Thank you
    Thank you for your support Carlos :) , thanks my friend
  • Benjamin  - yes !!!
    That 's a great news :) This will be an amazing piece ! Keep up :)
  • Christian J. Ramirez  - Can you make what is in this comment?
    Hey, Julius, can you make a Transformers: Renenge of the Fallen Megatron for the Optimus Prime Papercraft? If not then... :cry. If so then... :grin. Anyway Thank You!
  • Kevin Chapman  - Your model, your call man!
    not a problem jules, for how awesome the model is and it being free, we can afford to wait a little while to build the rest of this guy. if anything, it'll be a lot easier and less stressful building the model bit by bit instead of section by section. I can only imagine how long it would take to build optimus' body all at once, let alone design it in one go. As long as the project gets finished at some point, you will forever be adored by your fans. This is above professional quality work. Keep it up man! We'll be anxiously waiting :)
  • turtle  - µÑǹÕéªÍºÁÒ¡àÅÂ...
    ÊÇÑÊ´Õ¤ÃѺ... ¼ÁªÍºÁÒ¡àŤÃѺ Optimus Prime µÑǹÕé áÅСç¾ÂÒÂÒÁµèÍÁѹµÒÁ·ÕèàÍÒẺÁÒᨡ... Âѧ䧡ç仴ټŧҹ·ÕèàµèÒ·Óä´é¹Ð¤ÃѺ·Õè :p
  • Krzsztof  - colour
    a have a question. parts 1,6,8,25,29,26,28,24 should be gray, black or silver? parts 20, 17 should be black?
  • Krzsztof  - colour
    a have a question. parts 1,6,8,25,29,26,28,24 should be gray, black or silver? parts 20, 17 should be black?
  • Krzsztof  - instruction?
    WTF with the numeration in instruction??
  • Dan  - Amazing
    :grin I just love this model and its only getting better and better all the time. What does annoy me is all these people posting comments complaining about colours and delays. Wake up people. This stuff is FREE and these people work REALLY hard to produce this stuff and only deserve our thanks and praise!! Not so long ago you would have to pay a fortune for models of this quality!! Try doing anything near this good yourself, like I have, and you very quickly realise how HARD this is!! Very well done and keep up this very good work!
  • gazda  - lien non actif
    desolé impossible de telecharger le model :cry
  • gazda  - lien non actif
    desolé impossible de telecharger le model :cry
  • Saulo Sousa  - awesome
    simply awesome....sorry for my poor english, but you are great dude!
  • nugroho  - salut buat bos
    mangstab om jul, ijin unduh dulu gan nice work eniwei
  • ivan  - Optimus Prime Part 2A
    This is a great mode of Optimus Prime. I made the head and the torso, and now i am waiting for the next part. :) :) :)
  • Anonymous
  • paolo castelli  - corrections
    on the first picture with instructions, the lower number 6 should be a 7, hope that helps :cheer:
  • edisson
    chevere :0
  • Anonymous
  • humberto antonio
    Muy bueno el modelo realmente esta muy bien hecho
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