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Voltes V Papercraft (Voltus V)

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This is the best anime when I was a child. Although it was first aired on 1977 in Japan television I watched this anime in our betamax video player in mid 1980s. My mom used to play this anime before I went to elementary school. The theme song brings back a lot of childhood fun memories. These days it supposed to be my historic moment, I have finished my scout trooper armor. The Japan tsunami made me "not feel good" to celebrate it now. My deepest sympathy to the people on Sendai disaster, their relatives, my friends in Japan, I pray for you.

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Voltes V Papercraft templates (Voltus V)

Voltes V Papercraft (Voltus V)

Comments (14)
  • gitspram
    Mantapz! ...... Ijin sedot, gan.... :woohoo:
  • ron
    can you also make the sward pleeeease!!
  • aries_philippines
    what is the actual size of it? and i do want the sword too! great job there JP
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Sir..., you are a GOD among men!!! :woohoo:
  • kacrut  - my 80's Toyz
    :woohoo: Thaaank Yoooouuuu JP.... my 80's Toy back from the dead.... Thanks :woohoo: :D :silly: :silly: :lol:
  • Anonymous
    Finally been waiting for this
  • Priyadi
    mantapzz gan,kuerenzzz :woohoo:
  • Darmawan  - Let's Volt-In
    Finally, I've waiting for all my lifetime :) Can not wait to do it. Thanks a lot. It will be beautiful it can be divide into V plane ;) and Volt-In together become big Voltes V robot with Kenichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi, Megumi, Ipei pilot-ing each plane. Also a weapon tentuken, bazooka etc.
  • angga abu
    wah gan thanks ya ..... udah lama pengen ini .. mau beli action figurnya mahal buanget .... sekali lagi terima kasih ......
  • StiNiMhR
    Good :cheer:
  • Anonymous
    Thanx a lot Bro.. Gw lagi ngebuat Bumblebee karya anda diBonus Cinemagz
  • anton
    where will i buy a mold in philipines if idon't have a mold :?: :dry:
  • Jovic Cuison
    where can i find the radio button? :?:
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