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Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Torso Part

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I have various feedbacks after releasing the first of Sinanju Gundam part, the head part. Some said it is too big, and some said bigger is better. So I made a small version of this sinanju before it's going too far, I hope by giving people alternate template size to choose is better for everyone. I also have added the link of small head version, which you can download at the head page here. The overall height of the large version is 68 cm while the smaller one is 38 cm a perfect match for the original unicorn scale. Enjoy building and don't forget to send me the build pics on our new forum.

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Sinanju Gundam Papercraft templates - Torso Part Large Version - Small Version

Sinanju Gundam Papercraft - Torso Part

Comments (15)
  • Anonymous
    Awesome !! ;)
  • banagher
    kok ada 2 jules..... gimana assembling dengan kepalanya????
  • Julius Perdana
    haven't you read the above article? I release two size including the head part, see link above to download small head
  • swp77
    :woohoo: .. akhirnya.. ayo rek ndang di sedot, ihiiir.. GPN,GPL,GPK = gk pke nyanyak, gk pk lama, gk pk kepreset.. :P thanks mastah.. ;) moga PR mkn jaya slalu en olwes tu bi namber wan.. :!:
  • Anonymous
    i hope you'll make all nice model in Uc. thank for nice model :P
  • aries  - .
    is the large ver. same hieght of unicorn gundam? btw thanks for all your papercrafts template and instructions keep em commin!
  • Julius Perdana
    The large version is 68 cm which almost twice the size of unicorn. You can do the small part 38 cm it is the same scale as the existing unicorn
  • Anonymous
    wah keren ada 2 versi !!
  • Adriano de Souza  - exia Riser 00
    ótimo Trabalho é admiravel seu trabalho, genial. gostaria de ver o Exia Riser 00
  • nurzat  - ...
    untuk bagian tangan,pinggang,dan kaki.. kapan bisa di download???
  • m. rahman hakim  - ayio
    :evil: udah gak sabar,,,ayo bang jules...semangat!!!!
  • nurzat
    untuk sinanju bagian tangan, kaki, pinggang, kapan bisa di download??
  • doni
    mas.. keren abis nih PR. btw saya reques dong....yang optimus prime nya bisa di buatin yang small version juga ga??? saya kepingin bikin, cuma gede bangat. jadi ragu mau bikin.. soalnya percuma ,, ga ada tempat buat majangnya hehehe
  • riant fajar
    baru ada tiga part ya...??
  • Anonymous
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