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Unicorn Gundam Paper Model - Head

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This is my first gundam paper model. I plan to release part by part, this is the first head part. The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam was first seen by Anaheim Electronics student Banagher Links while it was on a test run. The Unicorn flew by the colony at an extremely fast rate, but Banagher was able to make it out as a mobile suit. The Unicorn Gundam is piloted by a Vist Foundation Pilot, Gael and the head of the House of Vist. Cardeas Vist put a lot of stress on the pilot when they entered a debris field during a test excercise near the Colony Industrial 7. When the test ended Gael notified Cardeas that some people might have seen the MS, but Cardeas said that the people would probably think it was a shooting star.Unicorn Gundam Paper Model

Unicorn Gundam Paper Model

Unicorn Gundam Paper Model


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Unicorn Gundam Paper Model template

Unicorn Gundam Paper Model 5X bigger template

Unicorn Gundam Paper Model - Head

Comments (37)
  • NobunagaOkta  - Nomor hilang
    Bro Julius...mohon gambar instruksi direvisi..ada part2 yang belum dicantumkan di gambar instruksi...mksh sblmnya...
  • ari septian
    bos ga ada cara nyambung nyambunginnya :?:
  • Ario Fitrianto
    @NobunagaOkta unutk nomer2 parts yang belum tercantum bisa dilihat di link berikut [url][/url]
  • tyfricko
    Hello, :D I want to thank you for the great work you did. But i have a problem creating the head. I didn't find the piece marked 00 in picture 3. Another thing I found that pieces 27 and 28 didn't have the gluing tabs, is that right? Thank you in advance for the help. :woohoo:
  • bakti
    heya Mr.Jul the link above is not found anymore, can u post another link. please. :side:
  • mike hunter
    I made this (very fun and challenging) and I also took it and made it twice the size, the head breaks out into 3 or 4 pages (depending on your organizational skills) I would love to see the rest of this model released in a 2x size format for regular paper (I know some of the larger sections in anything but the head would require some reworking to allow the shapes to fit onto a single sheet) I think this would be beautiful as a 2 or 3 foot tall figure. If you take the existing plans and have them printed on poster board (roughly four times the size) you could make a unicorn the size of a child. I will work on the enlarged head and try to post some pictures.
  • khoi le  - instruction
    :grin I hope i can see your instruction soon ^^
  • Blackhorsie  - im gonna dieeeeee
    JULIUS, you make my day happy, i cant believe this!!!! The Unicorn!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin One thousand of thanks. I hope ypu finish soon. :zzz
  • Fox  - Part 9 and part 10
    Julius contratulations, but part 9 and part 10, I do not understand, can you explain better how to ride?
  • Fox  - *
    *congratulations :grin
  • arbura
    omm... instruksinya plissss
  • Julius Perdana  - page 2
    please check page 2, alwyas check page 2 for instructions
  • Park Ji-Won  - re:
    stick the number 10 under number 9. don't cut the pasting surface. it doesn't use.
  • Fox  - ???
    you have a photo ? :?
  • Leandro  - Sobre problemas
    First: I cant download the model. Second: Some parts like 7,8, 34 and 36 have problems. How i glue those parts? After all your work is awesome. Congratulations
  • lien0233  - something incorrect
    there are mistakes in buttom fig & upper fig of the page 4. in upper fig the part number is 16 instead of 27.28. and 27.28 is must attached in the two side of the front face. part 31 is also must attached on the inner sider of part 27.28 the part 13, 29, 30, 26, 25 are nor marked.
  • lien0233  - the additional marking
    the additional marking :grin
  • sean  - head parts
    hi i just printed it out and when i looked at parts 24 29 30 34 36 27 28 they dont have tabs and im a bit worried :confused: to build it also where does 21 and 22 go plz answer :D
  • VuDuCieL
    Finally I found what I looking for.. Thx for your hardwork Julius ..! javascript:JOSC_emoticon(":side:";) (4 thumbs up)
  • Thomas  - parts 9 and 10
    Im having a bit of trouble with parts 9 and 10. could you explain it a little better or send a picture?
  • Thomas  - Parts 9 and 10
    Im having some trouble with parts 9 and 10 for the head. could you explain a little better how to make that part or send me a picture?
  • kotelawala  - bagian tanduk?
    Om, bagian tanduk itu gimana?? kok nggak ada bagian untuk ngelemnya di sisi sisinya... ::ngelemnya gimana??? mohon pencerahannya dunk.. thx.[img][/img]
  • kotelawala  - bagian tanduk?
    [size=large]Om bagian tanduk gimana ngelemnya.??? [/size] :shock: [img][/img]
  • kotelawala  - gambar tanduk yg bikin pusing
  • Eugene  - Thx man!!
    damn!!! your work is awesome!!!
  • Anonymous
  • Drago  - TABS yang miss
    Bos tolong dibantu donk utk tabs yang hilang....Soalnya pusing kalau ga da tabs utk bbrp nomor yang kehilangan tabs...Kalau ada filenya plz krm ke email di
  • Drago  - KURANG JELAS
    Bos ada tabs yang miss...Plus nomor2 yang miss...Tolong dibantu donk
  • Anonymous
  • pedro
    I've completed the model. It's huge and quite awesome. Though I have one pretty serious complaint about the whole thing. The fu**ing instructions are horrendous. A blind, drunk, retarded monkey that's high on hard drugs could write better instructions. Some parts are labeled wrong, there's no clear explanation on what bit of a certain part goes where, etc. Other than that, great job.
  • Anonymous
    fantastic!!!! thank you so much for your hard working and sharing you are my hero!!!
  • fauziarba  - LINK
    bro ada link buat instruksi yang laen'y ga?? yang diatas not found.. thnks
  • Taoshi  - Awesome!! but help!!
    First of all tnkz for such a great model!!! almost a year I have the sheets but doing other work finally I start to buildit! but... could be helpfull if some more instructions can be given :S there are pieces whitout flaps and pieces qhit no use O.o someone have more images of the process or better instructions┬┐? Tnkz!!!
  • benz
    guys how can i download the PDF file? im new here so i dont know how it works, and what scale is this model sir? thnx and more power
  • Megatron  - Some parts are wrong
    I saw there are some parts are wrong after compared with the x5 version, those are: 7, 8, 16(2), 18, 19, 21, 22, and there are more that I did not come to those yet. So do you you have the good version Mr. Julius? BTW I love your work.
  • John  - New Instructions?
    Mr. Julius your work is great but i didn't understand when you say to see the 2nd page. where is the 2nd page? also is there any possibility for new instructions? Im buildning the 5X version and i wanted to do right. Thanks in advance.
  • Bypass
    mau tanya,berapa sih kira-kira tingginya yang 5x
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