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Instructions/Rare Models
I know this joke is so "last year", but I have to do it, because it's quite funny and super simple papercraft template. I just found out about this, anti-selfie medicine tablet box yesterday on 9GAG. I looked the picture and I doubted it was real, it's like a photoshop work. I don't even think when I decided to make it into papercraft, so here it is. There are two medicine boxes, beside anti-selfie I also made an anti-stupid tablets box. You can give it to your friends when they are helplessly stupid or just to remind yourself when you sometimes act or do stupid things :p. The boxes can be open and use as an ordinary packaging box.
Friday, 28 October 2016 | 5086 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This template is not actually for making a complete Google Glass, this only to make an accessories from paper for your existing pair of glasses to make it looks like a Google Glass. In the photo above I use a cheap glass that I bought for about a dollar. Your friend wont recognize if it is a fake one from a distance, when you wear it while driving a car or cycling :p. They will assume you have bought this cool stuff for $1500, for a moment. I made 6 colors for you to match your glasses, there are white, yellow, orange, red, light blue and light green. You only need 1 sheet of paper for making a set of Goggle Glass.
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 | 29913 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This camera paper model was requested by a Paper Replika Friend in his email. It is not normal that I made a model from request almost immediately. I do read every emails, messages that I received but I always put it on my long waiting list, if I decide to consider it. But this Leica M9-P specially Edition Hermès is so cool and so stylish. Later I read it is worth $50,000 USD a piece! And this small digital camera were only made 20 pieces around the world. When I was  gathering info and images for 3d modeling, I actually little bit confuse to choose which model I am going to make, Leica M7 or M9, because M7 is in my opinion is more stylish and has more details, but I turned out to choose the easier one, the M9-P.
Monday, 06 August 2012 | 76705 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
Haunebu is an alleged out of this world technology that was possessed by the German in 1940s during World War II. This technology was capable to produce anti gravity flying vehicle and war machine, by using information from other worldly being, that's the idea of the story . This myth started from a novel in 1871 titled Vril, the Power of the Coming Race, and it is evolved until now. Is it true? I always thought there's always a truth in some part behind every myths. But I think if the German really had it, it should have been possessed by the American by now, transferred in Operation Paperclip, 1945. This myth also adapted into a movie "Iron Sky" 2012. This post is a re-release of my old forgotten model from my dead site (2008). These two haunebu once have a link in Paper Replika model directory but it was removed.
Monday, 30 July 2012 | 52022 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
The first thing I read this morning on the net was a friend post, "Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away on Wednesday". I read many times about this former Apple CEO illness before and his recent withdrawal from Apple. He inspired many people including me, I'm not going to begin telling you about his biography, because it already mentioned in every sites today, the world has lost again an optimistic and a visionary man. I was in the middle on designing a commercial commissioned project then I stop for a while because I had the idea to make Mr. Jobs first work, an Apple I  computer that produced on 1976 and Apple II produced on 1977, wow! I even didn't able to walk yet on that year :p. Both models have no scale, I quick modeled them by looking at photos.
Thursday, 06 October 2011 | 46572 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This papercraft designed by Rino Liha. Liquefied petroleum gas (also called LPG, GPL, LP Gas, or autogas) is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles. It is increasingly used as an aerosol propellant and a refrigerant, replacing chlorofluorocarbons in an effort to reduce damage to the ozone layer. Varieties of LPG bought and sold include mixes that are primarily propane, mixes that are primarily butane, and - most common - mixes including both propane C3H8 and butane C4H10, depending on the season — in winter more propane, in summer more butane. Propylene and butylenes are usually also present in small concentration. A powerful odorant, ethanethiol, is added so that leaks can be detected easily. The international standard is EN 589. In the United States, thiophene or amyl mercaptan are also approved odorants.
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 | 34637 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This trophy is a request from friends, its scale is unknown. I modeled this paper model by looking at reference photos found on the web. I think this model would be cool on your desk, especially if you're a soccer fanatic. First awarded in 1974 and will pass to next football world champion in 2010 at South Africa. The World Cup is a gold trophy that is awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup. Since the advent of the World Cup in 1930, two trophies have represented victory: the Jules Rimet Trophy from 1930 to 1970, and the FIFA World Cup Trophy from 1974 to the present day.
Sunday, 21 March 2010 | 82867 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
I honestly do not know much about nobel prize. Is it medals or trophies? I was curious. Therefore I was looking at google I finally know how's Nobel prize looks like. Medals for the people who have contributed to the knowledge to our lives. A recipient of the Nobel Prize (called a laureate) earns a gold medal, a diploma bearing a citation and a sum of money.
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 | 46645 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
Clogs are a type of footwear. There are four main types of clogs. Clogs can be a type of shoe or sandal made predominantly out of wood. They can be a type of heavy boot or shoe with sides, uppers and typically thick wooden soles, and may have steel toecaps and/or steel reinforcing inserts in the undersides of the soles. A clog can also be a special kind of shoe worn while clog-dancing (clogging). They are similar to tap shoes, but the taps are free to click against each other, therefore producing a different sound than tap shoes. Nowadays, "clogs" also mean comfortable slip-on shoes. They are often made out of leather, but some clogs keep the bottom part out of wood. All-rubber clogs are often worn while gardening, because they can be easily hosed off and allowed to air-dry. Some clogs come with heels, and are usually distinguished from mules by their higher vamp. It is commonly accepted that men and women can wear low-heeled or high-heeled clogs. [wikipedia]
Friday, 13 November 2009 | 30558 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
A request from a friend, was not publish for a long time until now. It comes with 3 colors. Please be advised some parts are without tabs/ flaps. The ancient cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, e.g., Harappa and Mohenjo-daro which are located in present day India & Pakistan had flush toilets attached to a sophisticated sewage system—and other forms of toilets were used both in the time of the Romans and Egyptians as well. Although a precursor to the modern flush toilet system was designed in 1596 by John Harington, the toilet did not enter into widespread use until the late nineteenth century, when it was adopted in English upper class residences. [wikipedia]
Thursday, 29 October 2009 | 54481 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This type of trash bin can be found around the road of Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta. This type of trash bin consists of two kinds, namely first for organic waste / wet garbage such as leaves, food scraps, kitchen waste, fruit leather. Second for non-organic waste / dry waste such as paper, wood, fabric, textile, plastic, cardboard, rubber, tin, glass, metal, wire. As governor of DKI Jakarta is being renewed this facility in every corners of Jakarta for the creation of a clean environment and healthy.
Monday, 21 September 2009 | 27831 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
Design by Rian Rahardi. Public phone coin is a facility of the government through PT Telkom as telecommunications for society to support the smooth-running of telecommunications. However, present day public phone has been rarely used because as the development of mobile phone technology that much easier and practical use.
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 | 27931 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
When I was about to go out to buy some snacks this afternoon, I didn't see my favorite slippers which usually in front of my front door. I searched for it for a while until my daugther came from outside and she wore my slippers. Then I got the idea to make this slippers papercraft :). It called "sandal jepit" in Indonesia, made from flexible rubber. It's cheap and available on many colors. It's commonly colored blue, red and green.
Sunday, 05 July 2009 | 38188 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This model is fictitious virus container. Influenza A virus subtype H1N1, also known as A(H1N1), is a subtype of influenzavirus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Some strains of H1N1 are endemic in humans, including the strain(s) responsible for the 1918 flu pandemic which killed 50–100 million people worldwide. Less virulent H1N1 strains still exist in the wild today, worldwide, causing a large fraction of all seasonal influenza and roughly half of all flu infections in 2006. Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs and in birds. [Wikipedia]
Friday, 01 May 2009 | 45483 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
The existence of such a device is disputed by both physicists and historians and is widely regarded as a myth and a sympthom of the Nazi escapism in post WWII Germany and Austria.  According to this Nazi mythology, the SS E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4) which was a development unit of the SS occult “Order of the Black Sun” was tasked with researching alternative energies to make the Third Reich independent of scarce fuel oil for war production. Their work included developing alternative energies and fuels. This group supposedly developed by 1939 a revolutionary electro-magnetic-gravitic engine which improved Hans Coler’s free energy machine into an energy Konverter coupled to a Van De Graaf band generator and Marconi vortex dynamo (a spherical tank of mercury) to create powerful rotating electromagnetic fields that affected gravity and reduced mass. It was designated the Thule Triebwerk (Thrustwork, a.ka. Tachyonator-7 drive) and was to be installed into a Thule designed disc. [Wikipedia]
Monday, 06 April 2009 | 78157 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
Die Glocke (German for "The Bell") is the name of a purported top secret and highly sensitive Nazi scientific technological device. The only source of this theory are the books of Polish aerospace defence journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, which claim it to be a secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. The topic has been popularized by Nick Cook, Joseph P. Farrell and conspiracy theory websites, associating it with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research. The device was first claimed to exist by Igor Witkowski, in his Polish language book Prawda O Wunderwaffe (2000, reprinted in German as Die Wahrheit über die Wunderwaffe), in which he refers to it as "The Nazi-Bell". Little was known or reported on regarding the device until it was popularized in the English-speaking Western world by Jane's Information Group's British aviation editor, journalist and author Nick Cook, in his book The Hunt for Zero Point. Interest grew, and Witkowski's book was translated into English in 2003 by Bruce Wenham as The Truth about the Wunderwaffe. Information about the device has been further spread and speculated on in works of American authors Joseph P. Farrell, Jim Marrs and Henry Stevens. [Wikipedia] Designer - Author Note : I have to remove the swastika sign on the initial page of this model because our friends in germany would be in trouble if that sign still visible due to their law restrictions related to that Symbol. I am as the designer and the author of this model want to apologize regarding that matter, and I really do not aware of this. Thanks for friends in Germany that remind me, all the best - Jules
Monday, 23 March 2009 | 47963 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
Bakso (meatball) is very common in Indonesia. Almost all people in Indonesia know this traditional food, and even became their favorite food with all the variants recipes. Meatball cart first appeared around early 80's, before that time Bakso sellers usually use yoke. Now has many versions of meatball recipe from the middle class taste in shopping malls or in remote villages with this car. My favorite seller when I was a kid is Mas Kemis (brother kemis), which until now he still pushing his wheelbarrow for a living around my parents home in Pangkalan Jati, depok. Bakso sellers many came from Wonogiri Central Java , many had success doing this delicious food and have many branches. Historically Bakso came from China, which means Bak: pork and so: round shape, but the modifications had been made for indonesian that most Muslims with beef, which are usually served in a bowl, like soup, with noodles, beancurds (tofu), eggs, 'siomay', and/or fried meat. It has a consistent homogeneous texture, and spices to it.
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 | 67887 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This rare papercraft is a typical Power Meter unit in Indonesia which is everybody using electricity always have it in front of their houses. Electricity is not a problem in major big cities, but there are places in some minor areas which never touch by what we called electricity for a better life here in Indonesia. Although PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara = Government-owned Electricity Company)  keep on improving their service and performance to meets high demand of power nowadays. An electric meter or energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy supplied to or produced by a residence, business or machine. The most common type is more properly known as a kilowatt hour meter or a joule meter. When used in electricity retailing, the utilities record the values measured by these meters to generate an invoice for the electricity. They may also record other variables including the time when the electricity was used. .[More at Wikipedia]
Saturday, 27 December 2008 | 46156 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
The Roswell Incident involved the recovery of materials near Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on July 7, 1947, and since the early 1980s has become the subject of intense speculation, rumor and questioning. There are widely divergent views on what actually happened and passionate debate about what evidence can be believed. The United States military maintains that what was actually recovered was debris from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named "Mogul". Many UFO proponents maintain that a crashed alien craft and bodies were recovered, and that the military engaged in a cover-up. The incident has turned into a widely-recognized and referred to pop culture phenomenon, and for some, Roswell is synonymous with UFOs. It ranks as one of the most publicized and controversial UFO incidents ever. On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed "flying disc" from a ranch near Roswell, sparking intense media interest. Later the same day, the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force stated that, in fact, a weather balloon had been recovered by RAAF personnel, rather than a "flying saucer." A subsequent press conference was called, featuring debris said to be from the crashed object... [More at Wikipedia]  
Saturday, 13 December 2008 | 53032 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
This is a air compressor model, nothing special.. but it is special in Indonesia.. I don’t know how to describe “TAMBAL BAN”. The meaning is about fix the inner tyre which is punched by sharp things like spike or sort of. The hole fixed by melting a rubber like material by heating it so the hole will be filled and blended, and air is not leak anymore.
Thursday, 07 August 2008 | 42398 hits | Read more
Instructions/Rare Models
Kerupuk can (Chips) cute models, scale 1/6. Kerupuk Can can be found at most traditional stores and culinary places in Indonesia. The shape is unique and the same at any place. For some Indonesian people, if don't consume kerupuk they feel like missing something and the worse, lost their appetite. Kerupuk ingredients are rice, garlic, pepper, sugar, coconut oil to fry. Laso there's a kerupuk that is made from cow skin, so it is called Kerupuk Kulit (Skin).
Wednesday, 23 July 2008 | 45567 hits | Read more

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