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Instructions/Latest News
Finally after a week of weighing the good work of all the participants in the Parrot Jumping Sumo Papercraft Contest, we have a winner. This time it was the hardest judging I've ever done, all the work almost as well, as creative. Some are very good and deserve to be the winner but strayed too far from the theme, which is wheeled drones. The winner is Retno Wahyuningrum with score 88. Judging is based on appearance, creativity, presentation and quality of the assembly. I think that Retno work is the most well made and also has a personality. Jumping sumo is a mini drone that has personality, he could be a cute little monster, or even a naughty little robot. Here are two other works, Susanto B Adittyo with score 85 and Reza Ongo Nalendra with score 81. As already mentioned in the contest rules, the winner and only one person will receive the prize of a Sumo Jumping. Thanks to all participants who have submitted work.
Monday, 20 October 2014 | 32913 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
We now have an additional 2 new patterns of papercraft Stearman biplane. Sergey Timinsky has kindly share templates of Stearman, which he had re-paint. The first one is using the color pattern of US Navy, it mostly yellow with green strips, with registration number G-Obee. The second template is made by using color of  privately owned Stearman that is also yellow with white strips, with registration number N63495. Sergey shared the patterns in the form of a PDF file, so I can edit them more easily. Please use the instructions from the previous Stearman model
Monday, 22 September 2014 | 39708 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
Blank template for torso part of the Optimus Age of Extinction is released. It was quite hard to separate the part into different color, because the number of black and grey/ silver are similar.  In  some part you have to combine few color to become one part by using the colored template for reference, because there are no guidelines. You need 6 colored papers, which are black, silver, red, dark blue, gold and chrome.  
Monday, 18 August 2014 | 38130 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
This was submitted by Louis Barreau from France. He modify the existing Paper Replika CCTV camera papercraft into a real working web camera. Louis used his old webcam and stripped off the casing and put the PCB along with the camera just behind the infra red LED part on the CCTV camera model. Now his webcam looks like a CCTV camera and he put it on his cabinet. The model itself has the capability of rotate-able horizontally and tilt, so the webcam angle can be positioned as needed. With long enough cable it also can be function as a security camera for your room in the house. Speaking about house, now I am working on a traditional Betawi house free papercraft model and a local commissioned papercraft project.
Monday, 02 June 2014 | 36723 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
Lee Gunawan made his Sword Impulse Gundam costume using a pattern from He enlarge and modify the existing patterns so that he can use it as a costume. Lee built this costume includes enlarging the pattern in his spare time for about 7 months. He added layers of eva foam from 4 to 20 mm thickness inside the costume to reinforce the suit. He also added layer of waterproof coating inside the suit and anti damp clear coating on the outside to prevent water or his sweat ruining the suit. Lee needs 2 of his friends to help him wear the costume. It is quite heavy, about 8 kilograms and it also makes his mobility very limited, just small steps when walking. The reason why he choose the Sword Impulse Gundam because the template is quite simple but with enough interesting detail. Lee spent no more than $200 USD to build this suit. He is planning to wear his gundam costume to an Anime Festival that will be held in Surabaya 7-8 June 2014. Now Lee is finishing his study in Interior Architecture major.
Thursday, 22 May 2014 | 47891 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
These two cute papercraft templates are from a game for iPhone/iPad called "PixelMogul". All the beautiful graphics were designed in pixel art. The game is kind of city or landlord simulation. These templates are official paper craft. Pixel LLC, a small studio for design and code which is the app developer created the templates. Because they love paper craft, to promote the game they made two simple models of some elements that occur within the game. They have plans to publish a new model about every 10 days. These first ones are Ghost Train and Limo Lotti. Ghost Train is a purple cute... ghost train and Limo Lotti is a kind of yellow food vendor. Cool, isn't it? I still wonder how to make an iphone game app. It is one of my dreams to designed my own game.  
Monday, 19 May 2014 | 29279 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
This video was submitted by Maxim Rozhkov from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The assembling of the drone model and video editing on video animation program took one and half week. He made his first papercraft stop motion animation video nearly 2 years ago, but he didn't do it often, nearly 1-2 video per year. He said he had a strong desire to assemble the Oblivion drone if it were made into a paper model everytime the drones were on screen, while he was watching Oblivion in Cinema. "Luckily I finally found one at Paper Replika", he said.
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 | 42129 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
The template was submitted by Lee Gunawan. He said this 5X bigger head is the first one and he will be update for the rest of the part. As you may already know I posted a picture of Lee wearing a full body costume of Sword Impulse Gundam on Paper Replika Facebook page. Lee is using a resized and modified Paper Replika template. I thought he was going to make a bigger model statue, what I didn't know is he made it for his costume. To make the costume strong enough to be wearable, he use 360 gram Art Card and stuffed it with EVA foam inside every part and use CA glue to strengthen all the parts. CA glue make the parts rigid and hard.
Friday, 09 May 2014 | 34201 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
I didn't make any paper crafts for celebrating Easter in this year 2014, but I have Easter themed template from last year and another one which I made couple years ago. There are Easter Bunny and Easter Basket. You can also search for easter themed template on model directory which contains tons of links to other designer's site all around the world. Happy Easter for my friends that celebrate it, may peace always be on earth.
Thursday, 17 April 2014 | 22327 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
I added a page of pattern of frames or formers for Honda Civic RR3 paper model. It is for you who build this model to become a body for a 257 mm wheel-based RC car as I did. The frames are needed for keeping the model in shape, because large models tend to deform. For you who build this as a stand alone paper model, you don't need these parts. You can download the file on this post and I already replace the original file as there are also revision on few parts that had unnecessary glue tabs. As you see on the picture below, I use 1.5 mm thick cardboard for the formers. The model itself assembled using 260 gsm (gram per square meter) art-paper, printed with digital printing printer in a print-shop.
Thursday, 14 November 2013 | 34198 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
This cute tank paper model template was submitted by Kim from South Korean paper modeler club, Hardcraft. He wants to introduce an event called "Ground Forces Festival" or GFF , it is the largest annual festival held by The Republic of Korea Army. Kim's club has the opportunity to participate on that event by introducing their paper craft / paper model art and also provided templates for the ROK Army. Kim shares with us an SD version of K1A1 main battle tank. The template only consist of 1 pattern.
Wednesday, 18 September 2013 | 38993 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
Perhaps you're experiencing some trouble when opening Paper Replika site in the last days or even in this week. There are some problems on our server and we're still trying to resolve it, that's why the loading time is bit slow than usual. Okay let's continue updating the site. Lee Gunawan has complete layouting his enlarged War Machine template by releasing the part 3, that we were already waiting for so much.  He wore it on an exhibition and last about 2 hours without damaging much of his armor, only minor scratches because of the people can not stop to touch the armor because they're hardly believe it was made from card boards, paper model! Lee even added some LED to add the realism. Guest what? His next enlargement project is the Iron Patriot!
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 | 56916 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
I think this is the first modern passenger aircraft ever made into paper model by Dani Hamdani from ZRP Papercrafter, he made a model of Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen. This 1:130 scale model comes with its display suspender included in the PDF file. The templates consist of 5 pages of patterns,  8 pages total with cover and assembly instructions. For better build result, Dani has made this patterns with inner glue tabs. The built model will have approximately 30 cm / 12 inches in length.
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 | 40001 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
I think this is the best model I've ever seen that was coming from Paperhobby so far. Rizky made this template (design and build) as per request of a young member of our community. Andre.  This aircraft carrier paper model is look so detail, Rizky even made all small aircraft on board. The scale is 1:800 which made this model at its best in appearance and detail. The ship is modeled as a whole and include with all the aircraft patterns and a display stand box. He build this model with plain paper 160 gram and 80 gram. Here are some photos of the built model, more other photos that you can see at his blog.
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 | 81203 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
As you may notice the unicorn shield pattern that have previously been released was not complete. Finally someone did it, Lee Gunawan send the pattern to me, plus he also had to enlarge the pattern of Hyper Bazooka. But the pattern that Lee made is in A3 size, so it can not be printed with the regular home printer (A4/letter format), the printer must be larger printer (A3). Photos below are Lee Gunawan with his Unicorn shield and bazooka at his home garage and Elysa Littrell with Lee's Bazooka paper model in JAPAN OVERDRIVE "GRAND FUSION" event Surabaya.
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 | 45485 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
New model from Paperhobby, this is a new stealth ship paper model that Rizky made in 1:200 scale. Started with the first maiden launch of this trimaran that belongs to TNI AL, some friends in our group Peri request to anyone in the group who willing to do this model and Rizky accept that challenge. The outcome is this beautiful model, although there were limited source of references of this North Sea Boats made, Rizky finally made it. The vessel is named KRI Klewang 625.
Saturday, 22 September 2012 | 28251 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
This beauty is the latest release from ZRP Papercrafter. This time Dani made a DC-3 Dakota aircraft paper model. This plane use RI-001 Seulawah color theme, Seulawah means Mountain of Gold. It was named by that word because It was purchased with 20 kg of gold donated by people of Aceh in 1948. Because of the second Dutch military offensive (Operation Kraai 1948-1949) this plane was not able to return home, so it was use as an airliner plane based in Burma, now Myanmar. DC-3 Dakota is a civilian version of C-47, it's military cousin. This model use 1 : 75 scale.
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 | 17599 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
Template design and build by Vin Jung (minicar). Yesterday he posted a picture about his progress in designing 3d paper model of C4 remote detonator in PERI Facebook group wall. Now it is finished and he shares the patterns with us. First person shooter gamers must be very familiar with this military device, many FPS games featured this device in game's armament.  That device is a transmitter that sends signal to the remote receiver on C4 explosive charge if the detonator button or trigger pressed to detonate. The receiver after receiving the radio signal then it activates an electrical current to detonate the explosive.
Monday, 03 September 2012 | 21519 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
New model from Paper Jurnal, this is a paper model of KURATAS. Kuratas is a real human operated giant robot, it is really exist! Kuratas developed by Kogoro Kurata Invent, a Japanese company - Suidobashijuko Heavy Industry. This robot standing tall 4 meters in height, we can control it by piloting on board inside the cockpit or from remote location using 3G internet access. It even can interact using Kinect control. The control is simplified, no need for special training to control this robot as it advertised. I always thought piloted robots in the future must have enormous power on board if they move by walking like a human. Because moving the robot with walking like a man would be not efficient, because it will needs a lot of power doing it, due to the weight and constantly adjusting the balance will drain the power fast, so I always thought future robot will utilize wheels to move. And that's also what KURATAS has, wheels to move instead of bipedal legs.
Sunday, 02 September 2012 | 31068 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
New model from Paperhobby, it is a concept Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle or UCAV. This is Rizky's imagination of an army UCAV inspired by a gunship on Avatar movie and UCAV drone. The shape of this UCAV reminds me of a mosquito larvae, an autonomous robotic killer mosquito ^^. This model is in 1:48 scale, the template only has 2 pages of patterns.
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 | 26180 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
New release from Bamboogila Corner, this time it is a powerboat (racing speed boat) paper model in 1:40 scale. Christopher works usually paper crafts template for kids, cute and simple. This time is different while still simple but it is a scale model of the real thing. He said it was a quick model to model in 3d and test built smoothly by Taufiq, who also a fellow member of PERI. The template is in PDF contains only 2 pages of patterns.
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 | 20518 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
New papertoys from Bamboogila Corner, the are 3 happy kids with their animal costumes papercraft that he named them Kiddo Costume. Kids always cute in papercraft adds by animal costume then they are supercute. Chris made these patterns for his friend's project a 'smile project' in an online portfolio site. The file is in PDF with 6 pages, all the patterns is very simple. This template is very suitable for kids and beginners alike.
Sunday, 26 August 2012 | 25411 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
These are the weapon part of Unicorn Gundam 5X bigger paper model, the Beam Gun and the Shield part patterns. Both the resized part were prepared by Petr Ježek, who also participate in preparing Unicorn Jetpack patterns. As the previous part, I didn't change any of the files that were submitted by Petr, I leave those files alone. Looking by the size of the complete model, that is about 2 meters, I think the Beam Gun can also useable as a prop, as it size will be about the same size of the a rifle, and also the shield. We still don't have the resized Bazooka.
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 | 30221 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
Cool submersible model from Rizky (paperhobby). He made the template perfectly in 1:35 scale with lovely color and detail. This sub model is a Japan made scientific submersible Shinkai 6500. It can dive into the sea depth beyond 6,500 meters. Its first mission (1990) is to study topography and geology of the seabed as well as organisms in the deep sea. The template file is in PDF and contains 4 pages of templates with weathered texture.
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 | 22864 hits | Read more
Instructions/Latest News
This is the latest work from Dani, he created a wear-able Army of Two Salem Mask. This template also a request from our friend who wanted to make his own Army of Two costume set for cosplay. Dani provide 2 version of templates, camouflage version and blank version.
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 | 25786 hits | Read more

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